Two Big Thank Yous

Two Big Thank Yous
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Image by Amy Lloyd
Please, if you have a minute, i would like to share a story with you all.

One day i got a flickr comment from a stranger, nothing new in this friendly world of flickr. It was on one of my aircraft photos, and as i do with all comments from new flickrites, i flicked over to the commenters photo stream. On there i saw a stunning collection of Aircraft shots and browsing through, saw from the stream, that we had a lot in common photography wise.

So i added them as a contact, and to be polite, i sent a short ‘hello and thanks for the comments’ flickrmail. I got a lovely complimentary reply from what seemed to be a very kind and talented photographer, and i made a note to stay in touch with this contact, over the years i have made many good friends from this site, you can tell quickly from peoples streams and comments whether you have anything in common, its a great way to make friends.

Over 4 months, or so, the contact, i now knew as Airwolfhound and i swapped many flickr and personal emails and quickly discovered we had a lot more in common than just photography. Animals, nature, wildlife, aircraft, music, cinema and movies, we shared a lot of common ground.

Now as many of my closer flickr friends will know, i wasn’t totally happy in life at that time. I had a great job, the best of friends, a happy home life, but couldn’t loose the feeling that i was missing something in my life, i didn’t feel complete. I didn’t have that ‘one special person’ in my life to share time with. So when Tim suggested meeting up to see a film, i thought why not. I had a feeling that this guy was different, that he was worth taking a risk for. I already trusted him.

We had been chatting online at this point and sharing text messages for 5/6 months by now and i felt a real connection with this, almost stranger. So i decided to do the one thing we are all told not to do, I decided to meet up with someone i had met online, on my own, for a date at the cinema.

The minute we met each other i knew that i had made the right decision.

2 years on and i have never been so sure of anything in my life, that this is the person i want to spend the rest of my days and nights with. Tim completes me as only a soulmate can.

Thank you Flickr If it was not for you we would never have met.

Thank you Tim for making the past 2 years the most amazing of my life.

Oh and thank you all for taking the time out to read this rather soppy, loved up post 🙂

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