Toronto Marriage Counselling: Stephen Giles, MSW Creates 10-Point Marriage Counselling Needs Test


(PRWEB) April 14, 2010

With celebrity marriages such as Tiger Woods and Sandra Bullock in the news, infidelity, betrayal and other marriage problems have many clients wondering about their own relationships. This simple Marriage Counselling Needs test is made up of ten discussion points. It was developed by Toronto Marriage Counselling clinician Stephen Giles, MSW RSW.

10 Point Marriage Counselling Needs Test

Marriage CounsellingToronto – Stephen Giles Marriage Counsellor & Therapist

Instructions: Use these points as the basis for a discussion. If they can discuss these issues in an open and honest way and feel positive after talking about them – then they may have the basis for a lasting marriage and relationship. If on the other hand, they feel that talking about these topics is too difficult or painful – then they may benefit from marriage counselling or couples counselling.

1.    Do they feel safe and secure in the relationship

2.    Do their shared values outnumber those not shared

3.    Do they have a shared method for solving conflicts that respects them both.

4.    Are the problems in relationship shared?: i.e. not always one persons fault.

5.    Are their language and behaviors are respectful of each other and others.

6.    Can they switch roles to solve different problems

7.     Is the work to run the relationship and household (and family) are divided fairly

8.     Is the relationship is supporting both of their short and long-term goals

9.     Is their sex-life is meaningfull and they can talk about eachothers needs

10.     Do they both take time to nurture and grow the relationship

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