Tips For Creating An Appealing Online Dating Profile

Tips For Creating An Appealing Online Dating Profile

Tips For Creating An Appealing Online Dating Profile

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Home Page > Relationships > Dating > Tips For Creating An Appealing Online Dating Profile

Tips For Creating An Appealing Online Dating Profile

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Posted: Mar 16, 2010 |Comments: 0


Your online dating profile is the first chance potential dates get to assess whether they would like to go out with you or not. So, it would seem sensible to make your profile as eye catching as possible. Follow these golden online dating rules, and make a great first impression!

Stand Out From the Crowd

Prior to putting together your catchy profile, check out some of the other members profiles for some ideas. You will get some great tips on what to say, and what not to say. This is your golden opportunity to sell your unique self – a description that sets you apart from the rest. Make no mistake, you’re up against many thousands of competitors, but only a handful of these will attract endless attention.

Present an Amazing Photo

People don’t always factor in just the photo when perusing the pool of singles, however it is probably the most crucial element in order to establish that all-important first impression. You need to place a great deal of importance on your photo, make it professional, clear, light hearted and relaxed.

Of course you will want to post your favorite photo of yourself, but let’s be realistic… just because you took a great photo 5 years ago, does not mean you will present in the same manner today. Even if you have gained some weight, or shaved your head, post recent photos and avoid the embarrassment and rejections you will face if you post a non accurate photo of the real you!

Grammar is Important, Even on a Dating Profile

If you use dating sites as your primary method of meeting new singles, you will be aware of Internet netiquette. However, just because you know what ROFPMSL and LOL means doesn’t imply others share this vocabulary. The majority of people checking out your credentials are probably new to the whole singles chat rooms set up. Make it easy for someone to approach you; don’t be a cyber turn off!

If You Are Going to Write Checks, Make Sure You Can Cash Them

Are you over stating your personal situation to try and impress? If you have a dry personality and can be a little reserved, that’s totally fine, but don’t say you’re funny if it doesn’t come naturally. If you are not a commercial Airline Pilot or a Marine Biologist don’t pretend to be. Trust us, the vast majority of good people out there really only care about you, not trumpt up accolades.

Keep it Simple

You don’t need to write a novel. Just highlight the good points, ask yourself the question “what would I want to know about someone when reading a singles profile” Your online dating profile is just a teaser, a short paragraph or two summarizing the qualities you possess, and seek. If you waffle on too much, people will get bored and impatient.

With all the millions of dating profiles out there, you would be amazed at how many people get it wrong. To attract other singles online, make yourself a saleable item.

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