Timeless Jang Ri In Xiah (2006)

Timeless Music Video Jang Ri Yin and Xiah Music Video starring: Hangeng ( Hankyung) and Siwon of Super Junior, and Lee Yeonhee To avoid confusion: This is the official SM Music Video for Jang Ri-In and Xiah’s (From DBSK) remake of the song Timeless. There are two MV parts to this song. This is PART 2. (part one is here www.youtube.com ) www.youtube.com This is only a Music Video, not a movie or drama! Storyline: Siwon (the black hair guy) gets a heart transplant. He begins to have side effects. He gets flashes of memories of the flower shop girl but he doesnt know why. later he sees a picture of the girl and a familiar guy. Siwon remembers in the past the cop that he shot when he was holding a girl hostage. It turns out it was the flowershop girl. Siwon searches the hospital records and finds out that the donated heard belonged to the cop. watch Timeless video 1 for more on this story. and watch Left shore of Happyness video for related storylines. Lyric Translation credit to aheeyah.com No, you cant let go of me Stay right here even though it’s hard for you If I can see you for a bit longer Ill attempt to laugh with the amount of love that is left Timeless, its not a parting If its once in a lifetime, its us Hold tight baby Timeless, bury it in this heart Like a painful fever it will hurt for only a second, we both agree this is timeless, love Although the world may all leave Will it take the sadness along with it I miss it when you used to call me again Only the pain
Video Rating: 4 / 5