Theresa Bernstein, American painter and printmaker, ca. 1890-2002

Theresa Bernstein, American painter and printmaker, ca. 1890-2002
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Image by Smithsonian Institution
Description: Theresa Bernstein lived to be approximately 111 years old. During her long life, she gained recognition as one of the first women to paint in the Realist style. While she tried to veil her gender by signing her paintings ‘T. Bernstein’, she was both hailed and flailed for "painting like a man" in the 1910s. Her determination was legendary, when she broke her right hand, she painted with her left. When she could no longer hold a brush, she painted by squirting paint from tubes.

Creator/Photographer: Peter A. Juley & Son

Medium: Black and white photographic print

Dimensions: 8 in x 10 in

Culture: American

Date: 1930

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Repository: Smithsonian American Art Museum, Photograph Archives

Collection: Peter A. Juley & Son Collection – The Peter A. Juley & Son Collection is comprised of 127,000 black-and-white photographic negatives documenting the works of more than 11,000 American artists. Throughout its long history, from 1896 to 1975, the Juley firm served as the largest and most respected fine arts photography firm in New York. The Juley Collection, acquired by the Smithsonian American Art Museum in 1975, constitutes a unique visual record of American art sometimes providing the only photographic documentation of altered, damaged, or lost works. Included in the collection are over 4,700 photographic portraits of artists.

Accession number: J0063639