The Scoop On Overseas Men

The Scoop On Overseas Men

The Scoop On Overseas Men

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The Scoop On Overseas Men

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Posted: Nov 23, 2010 |Comments: 0




A new, provocative book takes a look at the overseas dating scene, The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men.  Between author Katherine Chloé Cahoon – and her friends – nearly two dozen European countries were visited. She reveals the following insights on men in eight of those nations:



Danish men are more reserved than, say, Italian and Spanish males, but they love to meet single girls and are oozing with chivalry.



These guys need time to make an acquaintance. In some other European countries, you could ask a man for directions at a stoplight and he could invite you to the theatre. In England, the most you will probably get is a polite answer with a charming accent.



In this country, the people are known for saying exactly what they think. Complete honesty is the best policy. One of my friends was told sincerely by a German man who had not known her long, “You are the total love of my life.”  And he meant it. Another was told that she needed to get her hair cut.



According to my friends who have dated them, Greek men are all about chivalry and love of family. In fact, because of the emphasis on family, they tend to treat their wives and mothers phenomenally well, meaning the single Greek men will probably treat you the same way.



Regardless of which part of this island Irishmen hail from, they are known for having a keen sense of humor, laughing, telling stories, hugging and connecting. They are extremely friendly in a social environment like a pub, the heart of Irish nightlife; however, during the day many of these gents hyper-focus on their work and are hard to engage.



Italian stallions are known for not needing much encouragement from single girls to make their moves. They are super-friendly anywhere and anytime, as well as spontaneously romantic.



I have found Spaniards among the friendliest of European males. They go out of their way to help everyone – but especially single girls.



When you go to Stockholm, I promise you won’t be neutral about the blond-haired, blue-eyed Swedish men. They generally like to build relationships more slowly than those from some other European countries. One explained, “We take longer to make friends, but once those friendships are formed, we have them for life.”


“Everyone asks me: ‘Which country has the cutest guys?’ says Katherine. “It’s hard to answer because every country has a certain beauty, history, and charm that is difficult to rank. Good-looking, intelligent, and adventurous hunks await you at every café, museum, club, and park!” s unles�el n< 0D< single and has a great personality. Instead, approach the most appealing male native. European gentleman, are usually happy to help a damsel in distress. Getting lost is a great excuse to grab their attention. And if your case of directional dyslexia is as severe as mine, you will get top opportunities practically every day.



6.  Let Go of Bad Boyfriends Before Boarding the Plane

“If you’re going to Europe be prepared to break-up with your boyfriend if he is less than prime,” says Katherine. “Of course, I don’t advise breaking up with a guy from home if he is truly Prince Charming; however, if a girl knows her boyfriend isn’t right, she should fearlessly take a hiatus from the relationship before traveling abroad. Europe is most definitely the single girl’s paradise. And if you go through a break-up, don’t go for psychiatrists, meds, or manicures – book a trip to Europe!”



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Brian Feinblum
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