The Rambling Irishman – Quilty

“Music is a form of communication, and for a concert to be successful the artists must be able to reach out from the stage. Quilty turned out to master that, and contact has seldom been established as quickly as this night. You’d have to search to find their equals in humbleness and generosity, and this immediately paid off in a great atmosphere in the hall…” Västerås tidning “All-Swedish band Quilty simply scored a terrific success in Säffle, and it is doubtful whether the music can sound more Irish or even better played when performed by genuine Irishmen. Hardly…” Säffle Tidningen “Very nice, competent and persistently musical in two sets, comprising various reels, jigs and also polkas. And lavishly narrated songs bursting with sheer heather-flaming sadness, fate-bound passion, and wild hearts forever on fire. As typically Irish as can reasonably be wished for.” Norrbottens-Kuriren