The Midget In The Crawlspace [Top Car Blogger]

The Midget In The Crawlspace [Top Car Blogger]
# topcarblogger Growing up, I kept hearing mention of a midget in my Grandpa’s crawlspace. I pictured a little person eating scraps from the dinner table. Later, I found out it was actually a race car dating back to the 1940s. More »
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Did the Redskins owner fib about his height?
Tall Tale? Despite being labeled a Napoleon, Snyder may be of normal height.
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Blast From the Past: Dagmar’s Night Out
Digging into the archives of writer/photographer Roger Baker, we revisit a Wrestling Revue magazine article from June 1969 on Little Darling Dagmar. Check out Roger’s story — which we vet for the kayfabe of the era ( in red ) — and his amazing photo gallery of her.
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