‘The King’s Speech,’ 4.5 stars

‘The King’s Speech,’ 4.5 stars
Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush are outstanding in Tom Hooper’s ”The King’s Speech,” about George VI (Firth), the King of England who must overcome a stammer to inspire the nation on the brink of war, and his offbeat speech therapist (Rush) who becomes his friend. Oscar bait, but in the best possible way. (R – 118 minutes) P.
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Prizes for new stories of Latin America
LATIN America is never lacking in stories nor in daring directors. Just recalling that 120 films from the region shot and screened this year were selected for competition in the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema (December 2-13) is an affirmation of that.
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Surrey must live within its means
Re: Surrey takes on $ 200 million in debt, Dec. 10. Now that Dianne Watts has been voted the fourth best mayor in the world no less, it was just a matter of time before we taxpayers heard the thud of the second shoe dropping: her worship’s grandiose legacy projects.
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