The Guardian of the Deli

The Guardian of the Deli
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I don’t know if it’s like this in other cities, but in New York, almost every single corner deli/newsstand seems to have a cat.

I’m a huge cat lover, so I love visiting most delis for this very reason. The cats are used to people, so most are super-friendly — especially this one, from the deli down the block from me.

My family has always had cats (and only one dog), and I most recently had two orange cats (brothers) with my ex, and I took them when we separated. Unfortunately one of them, Squash, died from feline diabetes complications. The other, Pumpkin, I had to give away three years ago when Sion moved to NYC to live with me — as he’s allergic to cats.

I know he’s always felt a little guilty about that, but it was actually quite nice NOT to have to deal with kitty litter all the time (living in a studio apt., it’s hard to escape it), cat hair getting everywhere, and finding people to look after your cat whenever you’re out of town. Plus Pumpkin, while loveable, was the neediest little bugger I had ever seen. I think he’s much happier now that he lives with a larger family of roommates (though they changed his name – blasphemy!!).

It’s like when people ask me if I want kids. I love ’em, but I think I enjoy them best when they’re someone elses. So nowadays, whenever I need my "cat fix," it’s just a quick walk down the block…

Greenwich Ave. between Bank St. and 7th Ave., NYC
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