The Family & Marriage Counseling Directory Celebrates 5 Years with More Therapists and New Features


New Orleans, LA (PRWEB) October 7, 2008

The Family & Marriage Counseling Directory ( is pleased to celebrate five years of successful operations as the “go-to” destination on the Internet to find marriage counseling professionals and therapists from all over the United States.

Featuring detailed contact information and “special interests” for over 500 marriage counselors and therapists, the directory enables site visitors to easily locate these professionals by state and city. For example, someone looking for marriage counseling in Los Angeles, California can easily find a page listing counselors and therapists from Los Angeles. The directory is constantly expanding as new therapists choose to advertise on a daily basis, and there is good reason behind the popularity of the site. The Family & Marriage Counseling Directory is one of the most prominent websites in Google when people search for “counseling” related phrases online. This not only makes it easy for the public to find help, but also generates a lot of referrals for the therapists who advertise.

In recent times, this useful guide to marriage counseling resources has added a number of features to make it even more valuable. For example, the site now facilitates live phone counseling with a network of licensed therapists who are available around the clock. This new addition to the site makes professional counseling accessible like never before, with users having the option to enjoy both live and pre-scheduled counseling and therapy sessions. Moreover, the directory has significantly increased the volume of articles, contributed by highly experienced and qualified experts, which provide useful tips / advice on a diverse range of topics pertaining to family and marriage issues.

“The Family & Marriage Counseling Directory was designed specifically to make useful resources in this vital area more accessible,” says Chris Hartwell, MSW, who was a student of social work at Tulane University when he set up the directory. “My experience as a web designer offered me the unique opportunity to make society’s resources more available to the people who need them and thus contribute my bit to keeping families healthy and happy, which I believe are the foundation of a happy society,” he adds, explaining the bigger purpose for starting this special directory.

Besides serving as a valuable guide to those who need marriage counseling, the directory serves as a very effective platform for marriage counselors and therapists interested in marketing to a much wider audience. In addition to listing counseling services in the directory for a nominal monthly fee, the directory also offers other advertising options for those interested in promoting books they’ve written or marriage self-help products.

“While I am immensely pleased with how this directory has helped people find a professional counselor when they needed it most, I believe there is a lot more the site can contribute,” says Chris. “As we step into the site’s 6th year, I would like to reiterate my commitment to deliver a site that will play a vital role in people leading happier lives. A happy married life is a blessing; and everything I do on this website will be geared to help more people enjoy that blessing.”

About The Family & Marriage Counseling Directory

Founded in September 2003 by Chris Hartwell, MSW, The Family & Marriage Counseling (FMC) Directory ( is a directory of marriage counselors and therapists from across the United States and Canada. Organized by city and state, individuals in need of therapists can easily locate professionals in their area.

The directory is now among the top online resources in the US for people seeking marriage counseling and obtaining invaluable tips and advice for leading happier lives. The directory also provides an excellent platform for marriage counselors and therapists to cost-effectively offer their services to a much wider audience base than they otherwise may have been able to reach.

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