The Dilemma

The Dilemma
Before he expanded out to a jack-of-all-trades blockbuster director of thrillers, epics, and Russell Crowe Oscar bait, Ron Howard’s forte was emotionally grounded comedy. In movies like Parenthood, The Paper, and even the more fantastical Splash, he let comic leading…
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When college freshmen get the winter blues — this Web chat Thursday can help
In January, wintertime blues can set in at college campuses — and not just those in snowy climes. After being home for the holidays, freshmen in particular get the blahs and start to feel “maybe school isn’t for me.” These experts are familiar with the refrain and know how to respond.
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Senator wants to block back-door nominations
It’s a rare occurrence, but one state lawmaker wants to makesure political parties cannot get a candidate on the ballot throughthe back door.
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