The Christian Singles Guide to Online Dating and Matchmaking

The Christian Singles Guide to Online Dating and Matchmaking

The Christian Singles Guide to Online Dating and Matchmaking is an easy-to-read, easy-to-use instruction book on how to make the best impression through online dating services and find that meaningful, fulfilling Christian relationship you’ve been yearning for.

Packed with real-life examples and rock-solid Biblical based principles, The Christian Singles Guide to Online Dating and Matchmaking is the definitive “how-to” manual for single Christians of all ages, providing a step-by-step road map to help you avoid the major pitfalls of online dating and ultimately find the life partner that God has chosen especially for you.

Inside the Christian Singles Guide to Online Dating and Matchmaking, you’ll discover…

The 3 things God wants you to know before online dating

What mistakes I made along the way—and how to avoid them

The one crucial thing you MUST DO if you want to find God’s perfect partner (remember the powerful, yet amazingly simple ingredient Jason discovered coming back from the football game that day? THIS IS IT!)

Why the church is becoming less of a source for potential Christian mates

Small talk—what’s appropriate and what’s not

Delicate issues to keep under wraps until later in the relationship

4 easy ways to tell if your potential partner is lying to you

How only searching for Christian friends online can yield big results

Why online dating is so incredibly popular in today’s Christian circles

The fascinating link between Christian online dating and the Garden of Eden

How a common phrase used by many Christian singles greatly affects your self-image

Why putting together a profile is serious business—and how to do it right

When to meet face-to-face and the best way to set it up

Why a meal on the first date might not be a good idea

The importance of clearing the air beforehand—and why

How online dating can actually save you LOTS of money

The little known secret to keep them thinking about you—and ONLY you

Why looks hold less importance in some relationships than others

How a Christian singles chat room can actually hurt your chances of online dating success

The 4 major pitfalls of a profile and how to avoid them

Plus, you’ll uncover even MORE secrets to successful Christian online dating, including……

How to learn a new respect for the phrase, “beauty is only skin deep.”

What makes a good user name and which ones to avoid

Why you should NOT be on your best behavior at all times

The imminent downfalls of a vague profile description

Why you should be completely honest with potential partners

How to keep track of multiple prospects’ information without embarrassing yourself

The way God sees you right now—and why you should rejoice

Why knowing both your likes AND dislikes are so important

Who should be paying for the first date

How you should or should not behave in chat rooms to get your desired results

What is “charming” and what is not… this may surprise you

Out with Suitor #1 and you bump into Suitor #2? I’ll tell you exactly how to handle it

The little things you ABSOLUTELY MUST pay special attention to when preparing for your first date

How a good friend thought he knew it all when courting his spouse—and how he nearly blew the best thing to ever happen to him

Understanding how and when to be modest… but more importantly, how and when NOT to be modest

What will excite–or bore–interested suitors

What all-important factors to consider when supplying your picture

Why keeping your options open in a great idea

The “Animal Personality Test” and how it can help you find great online matches

The quickest and easiest ways to end an online relationship

How a young missionary followed God’s lead (even when she didn’t feel like it) and reaped the benefits

And there’s MUCH more!

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