The Boys Are Back (with Bonus CD)

The Boys Are Back (with Bonus CD)

Includes bonus disc with 5 bonus tracks! The Boys Are Back…back wtih an all-new album…back to the traditional-four part harmonies on which they were founded…back to the “rootsy” recording styles of the outlaw music days on the Row…and back to their timeless ability to stay on the cutting edge. That cutting edge has partially been honored by Los Angeles-based, acclaimed pop producer Dave Cobb (Waylon Jennings, The Strays, Rock n Roll Soldiers), who teamed up with one of country music’s most legendary vocal groups to create a magic that is unexpected yet familiar. With a youthful energy and songs written for them by artist/songwriters Jack White, Shooter Jennings and Jamey Johnson as well as Dallas Frasier, Neil Young and John Lee Hooker, The Oak Ridge Boys went into the release with the excitement of a band approaching their first recording. As a result, The Boys Are Back features a very “raw” and personal sound for the Oaks. It is candid, approachable and organic in texture and feel, leaving the listener with a chance to sit back and enjoy a good time with The Oak Ridge Boys.

Track listing:

Disc 1

1. The Boys Are Back

2. Hold Me Closely

3. Hold You In My Arms

4. Seven Nation Army

5. Mama’s Table

6. Boom Boom

7. You Ain’t Gonna Blow My House Down

8. Beautiful Bluebird

9. God’s Gonna Ease My Troublin’ Mind

10. Live With Jesus

Disc 2 – Classics

1. How Great Thou Art

2. Amazing Grace

3. An American Family

4. Thank God for Kids

5. Elvira (live)

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