The Art Of APPROACHING GIRLS!!! *******CLICK TO READ THE REST****** ———- HOW TO GET LAID——– ********************************************************************************************************************* Let me show you some of the things I will teach you ********************************************************************************************************************* *****How to TALK TO in a way that will turn them on! *****Over 15 DIFFERENT conversational styles besides just open ended questions! (pg 86) *****How to drive a woman CRAZY IN BED till she can’t cum anymore! (pg 112) *****How to use oral sex the right way without wearing out your jaws! (pg 115) *****How to improve your dating SELF CONFIDENCE so that women will be begging to date you! (pg 33) *****How to boost your SEX DRIVE with five 2000 year old exercises that you can do at home!(pg 118) *****Tons of exercises! TONS of audio files! Tons of video links! *****This course comes with it’s AUDIO VERSION of the manual. LEARN while you drive! ****************** That isn’t all: ****************** * I will teach you how to SPOT AVAILABLE WOMEN when you walk into a night club! (pg 80) * I will teach you how to DRESS so that you will TURN HEADS! (pg 55) * I have 3 audio self hypnosis programs to improve your self confidence and chrisma! * I will show you STEP BY STEP my systme that will get you laid by the 8th step! (pg 164) * How to pick out TARGET GIRLS who are just waiting to GET LAID! (pg 68) * Over 50
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