On Line Dating Valentine’s Day Card

On Line Dating Valentine’s Day Card

  • Includes one 5″ x 7″ Greeting Cards with Matching Envelopes
  • Glossy Finish Outside – Matte Finish Inside
  • Printed on Recycled Paper
  • Manufactured by Vash Designs

These outrageous, hysterically funny, and downright naughty greeting cards are from the best selling humorous greeting card manufacturer Vash Designs.

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St Valentine’s Day ideas for Catholic singles

St Valentine’s Day ideas for Catholic singles
Today is the feast of St Valentine. If you are a single Catholic of any age, there have never been more opportunities to make new friends or maybe meet someone special.  Here are some ideas for you to consider.
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Businesses put their heart in Valentine’s Day
Whether its candy, flowers or jewelry, Galesburg business owners are ready to meet your Valentine’s Day gift needs. “We’re getting ready for a wonderful Valentine’s Day,” said Stephen Moore, co-owner of Galesburg Flower Company at 128 N. Broad St. “We’re so excited. We ordered an incredible amount of roses — 10,000 roses, isn’t that amazing?” The shop’s roses come in several different colors …
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BRIEFLY: Feb. 12
Read about what’s happening in and around Plymouth.
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Dating Coach Recommends 5 Ways to Survive Being Single during Valentine’s Day

Dating Coach Recommends 5 Ways to Survive Being Single during Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day a tough time for singles with all the hearts in the stores and TV advertisements make it blaringly obvious that you are single and alone in a couple’s world. How can singles actually enjoy this heartfelt holiday and feel good about their single status? Coach Amy Schoen, a DC based Dating and Relationship Coach, recommends 5 ways to survive being single during Valentine’s Day.
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Christian Singles Can Now Connect with Their Android Phones
TORONTO, Ontario, Feb. 8, 2011 / Christian Newswire / — ChristianCafe.com is pleased to announce the launch of the first mobile app that connects Christian singles using Android powered phones.
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500 Startups Unveils Start-up Accelerator Program
500 Startups, the angel fund led by the voluble marketer Dave McClure, is taking the wraps off its start-up accelerator program, which is already hosting 11 participants in Mountain View, Calif and is focused on helping them with design and distribution. (“Startup accelerator” is the trendy iteration of “startup incubator,” connoting a short-term program where participants …
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Dating and Relationship Websites Shutting Down on Valentine’s Day


Portland, OR (PRWEB) February 2, 2009

In order to call attention to the growing unhappiness with the annual holiday of Valentine’s Day, several websites that provide Dating and Relationship products and services to the general public will be taken off-line for the day on February 14, 2009.

The shutdown affects Best Pheromone Cologne Reviews and Erotic Poems for Hypnotic Seduction.

Phil Billitz, of 4 Quarters Technology, LLC, an Oregon Marketing and Consulting firm, says that Valentine’s Day is “a waste of time and money”, and “causing far more misery than happiness”.

Billitz says he is not anti-romance, nor is he anti-love; he is in fact very involved in helping men and women with dating and relationship advice. But, he says that millions of people have unreasonably high expectations that are just not fulfilled on this particular holiday.

“There are lots of reasons why people have been turned off to Valentine’s Day. People who have been scorned, hurt in love or have lost someone just don’t want to be reminded. Others who are lonely may be even more bummed out, apathetic or figure ‘who needs it?'” says Billitz. “Many guys don’t get into it because giving Valentine gifts seems more like an obligation than an act of love. Often, the gifts aren’t liked or appreciated – they spend lots money on gifts for women and often get nothing in return.”

“For their part, women end up getting cards and gifts they don’t like, often from men they don’t like, and many of them only receive Valentine gifts from female friends or, worse yet, have to send cards and flowers to themselves,” Billitz continues.

Billitz says he’s tired of seeing men and women spending lots of money on mass-produced Valentine’s gifts that don’t improve their situation at all: “People will spend billions of dollars on mass-produced cards, flowers and candy that are largely ineffective at bringing love into your life.”

Billitz is promoting an alternative to Valentine’s Day that he calls “UnValentines” – saying that, “any day of the year except Feb. 14th” would be more appropriate for love, dating, romance and seduction.

There is additional information about Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14th) at the Hub-Page “Valentine’s Day – Bullets, Candy, Cards and Murder” and at UnValentine’s Day. Both of these sites will be off-line on Feb. 14th as well.

About 4 Quarters Technology, LLC:

4 Quarters Technology, LLC is based in Portland, Oregon, USA and provides Web and Technology Professional Services; and operates several Dating and Relationship websites.

These sites offer unique, effective, and sometimes controversial products and services such as pheromone colognes, hypnosis, NLP, and other fast seduction techniques. All products and services are intended to give the user, both male and female, an unfair advantage in their dating and relationships.

Phil Billitz is the author of the Hypnotic Seduction Book “Hypnopoetics…Modern Love Poems and Hypnotic Inductions”.


Phil Billitz


4 Quarters Technology, LLC

Phone: 877-253-7691


Want To Be More Confident? Russian Dating Agency Gives Away Free ‘Confidence’ Ebook In St. Valentine’s Promotion For Men Seeking Beautiful Women


Gold Coast, Australia (PRWEB) January 25, 2007

International matchmaking and dating agency Elena’s Models started its St. Valentine’s promotion offering a free ebook to all registered members who recommend the agency’s site to 5 friends.

The ebook is 38 pages and has advice on becoming more confident in any area of your life and has detailed advice on how to:

·    Eliminate negative thoughts

·    Control your beliefs

·    Deal with negative comments from others

·    Feel confident all the time

The ebook starts with the Confidence Test and allows you to instantly evaluate your current confidence score, and then goes into different aspects of building and living a confident life.

Elena Petrova, the owner of the agency, says, “Every person, no matter how confident he is, sometimes feels anxious in certain situations or in the presence of certain people. ‘Simple And Easy Guide To Unstoppable Confidence’ will help you to become more confident in any areas of your life, including dating and romantic relationships with beautiful women.”

“Even if you feel confident, it helps to look at the way you deal with others with a fresh eye, and take the Confidence Test to see where you are today,” Petrova said. “Just by taking the Test, you can see the areas where you can do better – and the book gives you the tools and techniques how you can do it.”

The only condition to receiving the free ebook is that the man must be a registered user of Elena’s Models and must recommend the site to 5 friends. Registration to the site is free.

The St. Valentine’s promotion ends 14 February 2007.

For the detailed description of St. Valentine’s promotion and the free ebook, please visit:


About Elena’s Models:

Elena’s Models (http://www.elenasmodels.com) is a dating agency providing a safe environment for Russian and Eastern European women to meet western men with the intention of future marriage. The agency has full-time offices in Russia, Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria and counts more than 83,000 registered users from 176 countries. The online dating site started its operations in 1999, and prides itself in being the only licensed introduction agency among large Russian dating agencies.

Elena Petrova is the owner of Elena’s Models. She also provides free advice on dating Russian women and travel to Russia and Eastern Europe through her personal site Russian Brides Cyber Guide (http://www.womenrussia.com).


Valentines Day — Taking Control of Cupid


Columbus, OH (PRWEB) February 11, 2008

As February unfolds with all its red-hued glory, focusing on one’s own personal state of romance is hard to avoid. And, as many would agree, waiting for serendipity to strike or for Cupid’s bow to hit the target of your affection is hardly the best or remotely realistic way to amp up your love life.

Help comes to the rescue this holiday in the form of local certified matchmakers and owners of Columbus based, Dating Directions, Susie Hardesty and Elizabeth Cobey-Piper. To make this Valentine’s Day extra-special, these love experts have compiled the following top 10 tips to upgrade the most romantic day of the year.

The top 10 Valentine’s Day tips include:

1) Do not procrastinate — Plan ahead to make it special. Make reservations and make your significant other feel like a VIP.

2) Do bring something special — A special day benefits from an extra-special gesture. A single stem of her favorite flower or a CD from his favorite band will show extra consideration.

3) Do not be ordinary — Valentine’s Day is not any other given day. It is a special day and deserves special treatment.

4) Do try something new — Special memories are made from special moments. Doing the status quo is a status no.

5) Do not forget to be appealing — Dress up. Wear their favorite scent. Put effort in to looking special in a way you know your significant other appreciates.

6) Do exercise your romantic muscle — Give a special card with some hand-written, heart-felt thoughts. Original prose and poetry say things that Hallmark can not.

7) Do not exercise “the right to remain silent” — Conversation is both key to a good date and a good relationship. Think of topics to discuss before-hand to avoid awkward silence or covering the typical “how was your day” dribble.

8) Do be dazzling — Valentine’s Day is the day to pull out all the stops. Go overboard. Indulge.

9) Don’t be unappreciative — Show your date that you value their efforts, no matter how minor the detail. Your gratefulness is a gift in itself.

10) Do your research — Find out what makes your date tick. Ask friends and family members for ideas and pay attention yourself. Planning ahead will ensure a romantic and successful evening.

According to Hardesty, “My business partner and I have been in this business long enough to really know what is important in making a date extraordinary. The advice we give is tried, tested and true.” So, go ahead and take control of your inner cupid by paying heed of the above expert counsel. These expert ladies-of-love may not shoot bows and arrows, but their advice is dead-center.

Dating Directions, founded in 2003 by Susie Hardesty, is a premium matchmaking company specializing in coaching and connecting individuals with one another. In 2005 Hardesty was joined by now business partner, Elizabeth Cobey-Piper. The two, who are both certified matchmakers, have propelled Dating Directions to be the top-rated, full-service matchmaking and date coaching company in Ohio.

Services Include:

Matchmaking — http://datingdirections.com/matchmaking

Singles Events — http://datingdirections.com/singles_events

Date Coaching — http://datingdirections.com/date_coaching

Online Dating Reviews — http://datingdirections.com/online-dating-site-reviews

Private Women’s Club — http://matchmakingcircle.com

Dating Directions

445 Hutchinson Ave. Suite 800

Columbus, OH 43235

Web: www.datingdirections.com

Phone: 614-784-8188

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