Releases New Ebook For Men Traveling To Russia Or Ukraine Looking For A Relationship Releases New Ebook For Men Traveling To Russia Or Ukraine Looking For A Relationship Releases New Ebook For Men Traveling To Russia Or Ukraine Looking For A Relationship

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Home Page > Relationships > Dating > Releases New Ebook For Men Traveling To Russia Or Ukraine Looking For A Relationship Releases New Ebook For Men Traveling To Russia Or Ukraine Looking For A Relationship

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Posted: Feb 16, 2010 |Comments: 0


Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, FL –, the most innovative and customer-service-oriented Russian brides website, announces the release of their new eBook entitled “Meeting for the First Time: A Gentleman’s Guide to Traveling to Russian and Ukraine For Love” with the aim of helping men seeking love on Russian dating sites to have realistic expectation of the courtship process.

Once a gentleman has spent some time on a Russian dating site and has established a relationship with a woman, he will naturally begin to think about meeting the special lady in person. While an international journey can be exciting and romantic, it’s a huge step and not something a gentleman should do on a whim. There are many factors to consider when planning such a big journey, and this eBook is for gentlemen who want to be prepared for what could be the most important trip of their lives.

Through this eBook, hopes to educate men seeking love in Russian and Ukraine about:

• The steps a man should take before planning a trip to Russia or the Ukraine
• Practical tips for planning a trip to the former Soviet Union
• General travel and meeting tips for the big journey
• What to do after the trip

While many men have found love and happiness on international matchmaking services, many more are afraid to give these Websites a try. The reasons vary, but common concerns include the taboo of the international dating industry, the value of matchmaking services, whether or not the women on such sites are sincere in their quest for love or merely looking for money and a green card, and the potential difficulties of dating women halfway across the world.

A little education about Russian women and Russian dating websites can go a long way towards soothing a gentleman’s fear of the unknown. Many men are pleasantly surprised by the benefits a Russian dating website may have to offer and regret not trying the service sooner.

Go to to download the eBook.

If you have question about the service, visit our site and chat with our Web Hostess or call Customer Support at 1-866-235-2479.


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Alberto Stellpflug
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Can i get ex my husband back even if we are not in the same country? Will this ebook help me even if its a far distance relationship
Does my head look big in this ebook ?
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