Is it rude to state opposition to illegal immigration when talking to a person of Mexican descent?

Question by peace frog: Is it rude to state opposition to illegal immigration when talking to a person of Mexican descent?
To elaborate, I was at my local laundromat and struck up a conversation with one of the attendants, who is a Mexican-American woman. Somehow this issue came up and she stated that her ex-husband was illegal and got deported and now she has an illegal boyfriend. I told her that I was very much against the whole thing. I said it in a very even tone and really just wanted to hear her feelings on the issue. I mentioned all the accidents with illegals and the public and I said that some groups have problems with alcohol and that Native Americans cannot drink. It’s like they have an allergy or something. I brought up the fact that Mexicans are Native Americans and have a problem with alcohol as a group (at least the men). I also mentioned how I am half Irish and that the Irish are known as having problems with alcohol. Of course it doesn’t mean every single Irish person. But enough have alcoholism that the community should take care with it.

Is it rude to debate this issue with them?
Franco: Care to elaborate or are you just Mexican and defend things out of false pride? I am 50% Puerto Rican. As you know, all Latin American cultures are different, just as European ones are.
To the 4th poster: Listen to me–if I gave you the stats for alcoholism in the Native American community, would you argue and call me racist? What I was saying is that we have enough American-born drunks. We don’t need to import them! Same applies to all the other social ills. The whole point of LEGAL IMMIGRATION is to SCREEN people. Do you like rapists and murderers to escape here and wreak havoc on (most likely) other legal Hispanics? I am not suggesting that all Mexican men are alkies, rapists and murderers, but even ONE is one too many, since they weren’t legal and shouldn’t be here!
Apey1978: Oh, please with your bleeding heart self! Poverty= being a drunk? So all those rich and famous Hollywood stars going to dry out are POOR? There are certain cultures vulnerable to alcoholism, and Russians are another one.
Lucy: Get ready for 10 points because I doubt anyone will top you! As a fellow Hispanic woman, my town became predominantly Mexican and at the beginning, I was HAPPY! I welcomed the “diversity” that had been sorely lacking. But then the deluge, noise, litter, and other social problems followed and while it’s an indelicate topic, it is very real. I spoke personally to a Mexican-born woman who complained to me that she couldn’t find Mexican girlfriends who liked intellectual pursuits like the museum and that most were just interested in soap operas (telenovelas), clothes, and gossip. She said this, not me! There are generalizations, just as Americans are generalized by other nations and those generalizations may be hard to swallow, they are on the whole accurate. As for the alcohol issue, don’t forget the reckless driving! Tell me that I am wrong with that as a generalization!
Mabelle: I DID NOT SAY THAT 100% OF MEXICANS ARE RAGING ALKIES! GOT IT? I said that it is a problem in the Mexican community. I could also say that they have the highest birthrate of any American group. Are you gonna cry racism about that, too? And trust me, that creates all sorts of problems for our country, just as over-population is a problem in Mexico. They have 100 million people, my dear!
*Edit for Mabelle: Just because I asked for input about this issue, doesn’t mean I am unsure that I did the right thing. Do you honestly think everyone who comes on here asking questions is really unsure about their position? It’s just neat to read other ideas, even if I vehemently oppose them.
*Edit #2 Mabelle: First of all, the woman in question did not take offense to me. As a matter of fact, I think it was a surprise to her because she is surrounded by people who come up with excuses regarding why it’s not so bad. She actually brought up George Bush, LOL! She said that if he can start an illegal war, then how can he talk about illegal immigration? I told her that two wrongs don’t make a right! But not once did she get angry or tell me I was rude. As for writing in caps, etc.: it was because people try and misquote me in order to make a case against me and I am EMPHASIZING a point. It has nothing to do with talking down to anyone. If I had italics or bold print at my disposal, I would use that, probably.
*Edit #3 Mabelle: LOL- I knew if I responded that you would read it, even though you said you were done! It’s hard not to go back and check…I would love to moderate a chat but I don’t know how to go about it!

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Answer by Franko Rizzo
wow, you aren’t very enlightened.

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Talking Look and Find: Thomas & Friends, Sunny Day Surprise

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Wife just moved out seperated and is talking divorce.(women Please)?

Question by Dadintrouble: Wife just moved out seperated and is talking divorce.(women Please)?
She moved out last night and as much as i have changed my preception on thing she didnt want to stay and work it out. Have a 5 year old and we agreed to 50-50 custody and such, Im a great father and great provider. I just bought a her a house 7 months ago and spent 20k furnishing it with what she wanted. She left me basically for emotional neglect and she is correct, but the reason i was this way was because she refused to help around the house. I worked full time, her part time, I did 95% house chores, including cooking. And she would not pick up after herself, i felt like a women complaining about their husbands. She would come home and throw her socks and shoes in the middle of the floor and go to sleep on couch. Disregard if it was supper time for our 5 year old etc.. Now i do love her but she doesnt love me anymore, as far as i can tell there is no other guy , but im sure there wontl be soon. She told me she is enjoying the attention from other guys and it makes her feel good.
Now my question is i am giving her space and try to have as little contact with her as possible, but we do share custody of our child so we have to talk alot. I am wondering if i should ask her out on a date for valentines day? i was thinking maybe just buying her some flowers and having them delivered, saying love always or something like that. I am not sure what to do so any advice/recommendations would be great.
When i mean changed my perception, i mean i am working on not letting her cleaning habits build regret in myself. That way i can show that i do love her without the resentment.

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Answer by BJgirl
Im sorry she has done this to you…

Honestly,if I were you,I would move on. From what I have read,she sounds very self-centered,and that wont change…

I wish you the best…and no,I wouldnt waste money on a Valentines gift…

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How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It

How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It

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Love is not about better communication.
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You’ll never get a closer relationship
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Male emotions are like women’s sexuality:
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