Teen Jaime Gonzalez shot holding a pellet gun. Why? What Happened? What can we do to prevent this?

BROWNSVILLE, Texas—With friends and family still demanding justice for a Texas eighth-grader shot by police after he pointed a pellet gun at them, a neighborhood priest struck a different tone Saturday, urging teens at his funeral to learn from the experience and “get out of trouble.” The Rev. Jorge Gomez spoke in English and Spanish to an estimated 500 people who packed a Brownsville church for the funeral of 15-year-old Jaime Gonzalez. Police say Gonzalez was shot twice in the torso Wednesday morning after refusing officers’ repeated requests to drop what was later identified as a pellet gun. Gomez saved his most poignant remarks during the funeral for Gonzalez’s contemporaries. Dozens of them filled pews at the church just one block from the teen’s home and wore matching white t-shirts with his photograph on the back. The priest thanked them for their generosity — kids from the neighborhood ran a car wash to raise money for funeral expenses — and urged them to continue in that spirit. “I implore you young people, learn from this experience,” Gomez said. “It is not easy to be a teenager … but it does not last forever.” He added, “Young people, I invite you to get out of trouble. Don’t get lost.” Gomez and others have said the neighborhood is a tough place to grow up. There are many single-parent homes and some gang problems. Neither was an issue in Gonzalez’s case though, Gomez said earlier in the week. Gonzalez was a drum major at Cummings Middle School and active

Single Shot Freddy

Sergeant Tom Hunter explains what he and his men are taking cover from. Watch the recent Q&A with Tom Hunter at a screening of “Restrepo” at the Angelika Film Center in New York City in our uploaded video section. Join the discussion: www.facebook.com/restrepothemovie Visit our website: www.restrepothemovie.com
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Budweiser Gives Fans Worldwide a Shot at the Big Time

Budweiser Gives Fans Worldwide a Shot at the Big Time
BRUSSELS, May 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ Step aside ballroom dancers, jungle survivors and cake decorators. Building on the success of Bud United: Bud House, the ground breaking online reality show during the 2010 FIFA World Cup(TM), Budweiser is …
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Nowadays, there are several online chatting services that provide free live sex by using web cams. Sexy models make inviting poses to attract the visitors to interact with them and enjoy a visual steamy session to fulfill secret fantasies. These sites are like a wide marketplace where the visitors can find a suitable partner according to his/her preference. They will get access to several like …
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Personal Branding After Hours: Applying 10 Rules to Dating
Let’s take a break from talking about your brand at work and discuss how the key themes of personal branding impact your personal life. Here we take your brand on a date by applying your corporate skills to dating.
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‘My friend has been shot’; 15-year-old boy tells police he shot girlfriend

‘My friend has been shot’; 15-year-old boy tells police he shot girlfriend
‘My friend has been shot’; 15-year-old boy tells police he shot girlfriend
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Friend Of Utah Man Killed By Pirates Near Somalia
Steve Smith of Utah county looks fondly at a postcard mailed to him on his birthday last year by his friend and colleague Susan Macay.  He is touched that while on a sailing adventure all the way around the world, Macay was thoughtful enough to remember his birthday.  Now, he is shocked that his friend is gone. “I can’t imagine the terror,” he said about her death. On Friday, the yacht of Macay …
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Proteins Find Their Way With Address Label And Guide
Most newly produced proteins in a cell need to be transported to the proper place before they can be put to work. For proteins to find their way, they have a built-in signal linked to them, a kind of address label. Moreover, they are helped by a particle that guides them to the cell membrane. In a new study published in the journal Nature Structural and Molecular Biology, researchers at UmeÃ¥ …
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