i have to do a career project and i want to be a relationship therapist but i dont really know what they do an?

Question by 315cuti: i have to do a career project and i want to be a relationship therapist but i dont really know what they do an?
i want to know what they do and everything.
also can i have a few stories on how they helped you.
if they helped you.

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Answer by Jimmy G
Relationship Therapist, Relationship Counselor, Couples Counseling, Marriage Counselor, Relationship Therapist… You can just mix and match and choose as you please!

Your ‘other’ comes home from work, and heads straight for the bottle of vodka stashed in the freezer. You haven’t had a real conversation for weeks. A few arguments over money or late nights out, sure, but no heart-to-hearts. Sex? What’s that?


Your relationship is on the rocks, and you both know it. But you aren’t sure how to fix things — or if you really want to. With ‘help’ from the right people, you can recognize the problems you two are facing and either find your answer by parting seperate ways… or THEY can help you understand your relationship better and make a well-thought-out decision on what to do.


As far as a career project, throw down an improv… an act.. get a few friends dress them up and tell them to act badly. Pretend to help them, sit them down run them through the usual and have them kiss and make-up.. Points for creativity and productivity.

Honestly, if you are looking to follow this for life, do your research… and if you still love the idea of helping them out and watching couples walk away happy, GOOD LUCK. i am sure anyone would be lucky!

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EVERY SINGLE DAY Ad | Economic Stimulus | American Issues Project

The excessive federal spending spree MUST STOP ! ——————— [FEB 2009] American Issues Projects new ad highlights the failure of the pork-laden stimulus bill to stimulate the economy. Washington, DC February 20, 2009 American Issues Project launched a major television advertising campaign today spotlighting the excessive spending and pet projects within the far-reaching stimulus legislation, which the Congressional Budget Office has said will harm the American economy in the long term. The ad will begin running today on FOX News, CNN, CNN Headline News, CNBC and FOX Business Network. Washington is, once again, out of touch with the American people, said Ed Martin, the organizations president. Congress has used the anxiety of the American people as a vehicle for appeasing special interest groups and financing their pork projects back home. This type of spending has no place within emergency legislation intended to jump-start the economy. The ad also showcases examples of the billions spent on pork projects—including golf carts, fish hatcheries and remodeled federal offices—and targets liberal senator Charles Schumer for his claim on the Senate floor that the American people really dont care about porky amendments. American Issues Projects ad examines assertions that the funding in the stimulus package will not help the economy, neither this year nor in the long term, according to economists and the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office. With this so-called
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