Guidelines and Recommendations For Safe Online Dating Practices

Guidelines and Recommendations For Safe Online Dating Practices

Guidelines and Recommendations For Safe Online Dating Practices

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Home Page > Relationships > Dating > Guidelines and Recommendations For Safe Online Dating Practices

Guidelines and Recommendations For Safe Online Dating Practices

Posted: May 03, 2011 |Comments: 0


Online dating sites are reaching a peak of popularity all over the world. In the USA, it has been the bridge gap for singles living many miles away from each other, giving opportunities for many singles to communicate without having to get on a plane or bus to travel to another city or state. But, with every advance in technology comes the caution to use the technology responsibly or to be wary of scammers abusing the good name of online dating sites.

For purposes of safety, many high profile online dating sites provide sound advice for singles who want to discover online dating and how to best get involved with meeting new guys and girls online with the utmost maximum safety.


Singles dating sites have terrific matchmaking capabilities to help people meet their perfect match via interactive communication platforms. Because of this growing popularity, here are some safety tips and advice in browsing and searching through the many profiles.

Be honest with yourself and post your most recent photo and write an honest description about yourself. Don’t leave an impression for others to think that you have something to hide.

Don’t be naïve. Never assume that some of the photos uploaded by other singles are up to date or as accurate as yours.

Don’t get taken in by corny and overused come-on lines.

Don’t choose your dates based on photos alone. Study their profiles carefully. Observe how they chat with you.

You can ask for a mobile phone number but, don’t force the issue if they refuse to give it for the same safety reasons as yours. But, it’s a good idea to move from online chats to cell phones so you can really listen to their voice.

Never disclose where you live or any personal information, especially sensitive ones like Social Security, telephone and bank account numbers.

When you agree to meet personally, arrange to meet your date in public places for the first couple of dates. This safety measure is for both of you. If she asks to bring a friend, do agree because this will make her feel safer and will give her a good impression of you. If you’re female, do so likewise. Better safe than sorry as the saying goes.

If you sense anything negative, no matter how small, about your online chat partner, please inform the webmaster of the online dating site concerned.

Remember that the safety of everyone in the online dating sites ensures that everyone gets what they are really there for: to meet other singles for casual companionships or for serious love.

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About the Author:

The article author, Matt Fuller, is a matchmaking consultant. Matt provides an array of free dating sites Australia. Stop by his website for further details.

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For more information about Dr. Bruce Gibbins or his company AcryMed, visit

# # #

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