Bad Irish Lad (pure poetic fun) Would you c/c please? tY?

Question by .: Bad Irish Lad (pure poetic fun) Would you c/c please? tY?
HIS story; as told to BG…(I had nothing ta…to do with it.)

When I were a lad the loidies all found me sa foine an’ broight
That me bed, it ne’er were empty, not for a simgle noight

I drank sa much o’Guinness, Lads, I ran ol’ Ireland droiy
Sa four thousand men were chasin’ me wi’ their guns an’ knives

Once the Queen were visitin’ an’ spotted me in the crowd
She screamed ta stop the carriage an’ hollared quite out loud

“Come here ta me, me darlin’; just need ya ta do one thing,
Kill off me ugly husband, and taday I will make ya King!”

Sa many o’ me friends have asked me how I did survive
Messin’ wi’ all the women, ‘ow was it I stayed alive?

I lived ‘er up sa high an’ foine, I threw away all o’ me youth
And I never told single thing that was anywhere near the truth!
Been working on an epic piece, should be done tomorrow…How ya doin, Linda?
Been working on an epic piece, should be done tomorrow…How ya doin, Linda?
I HATE it when that happens!
I HATE it when that happens!
Yeppers, Benny. Hope ta offer it ta a tomorrow, though don’t get too excited. Can’t judge it myself yet, since I don’t have a clue what I’ll be writing…& how she’ll end herself. (They write themselves, so I don’t take credit (or blame.)
Yes, Pet, all of those things will happen.

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Answer by Crow Magnum
You answered MY question. Just a little while ago, while wandering the board and working on a new sonnet, I was wondering where BG’s daily offering was. Well, I shall wonder no more (but I may continue to wander).

A delightful read, as always, but honestly HIS stories aren’t as good as yours 🙂

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Can something be done about the spam in the Diet & Fitness section please?

Question by Paranormal Kitty: Can something be done about the spam in the Diet & Fitness section please?
I’ve asked questions there where every single answer I got was a spambot advertisement. Almost always those answers outnumber the real answers. I’ve seen it all over the site but the highest concentration is there, with stuff like “I tried every weight loss diet and then found the miracle acai berry!” Ugh, it’s so annoying. And people keep asking their diet questions in the vegetarian section just to avoid the spam which is annoying also.

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Answer by Blue
I wish i knew the answer to that , i get very annoyed as well, have you seen the one that is selling all the clothing and shoes etc it goes for miles. I have complained once when i got a violation[that was overturned] but nothing. The colon cleanse is another and that rediculous ebiznus. Maybe we all need to complain. What gets me my question was deleted yesterday i asked if anyone gets annoyed after answering a question in great detail you find it deleted, yet they allow those the rules are all stuffed up

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(Divorced women only please) What else can I say?

Question by Mrs Sunshine: (Divorced women only please) What else can I say?
My friend is still in love with her ex-husband of 7yrs. He wanted to see other people and now he’s told her over and over he wants her back and that he changed. It’s been 2yrs of her being single and dating but she realizes how hard it is to find a great guy. She’s been depressed for two yrs due to her divorce and she’s considering taking him back and start a family. Am I wrong to tell her what she wants to hear? That experience made her stronger and she explored both worlds to help her realize what she truly is missing in her life.

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Answer by Shadow
Statistically, the divorce rate is higher in second marriages than they are in first marriages, whether it’s to the same person or not!

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Please help me..Why can’t I trust my husband that he is not into online dating chat or having cybersex ?

Question by Anita: Please help me..Why can’t I trust my husband that he is not into online dating chat or having cybersex ?
When I was starting out a career in sales which I love most, I caught my husband getting into chats and collecting nude pics of young women in his PC. I was devastated then because I was really bent into making a living for us so he can get out of his former company which he said was hell. I was really trying my best to earn enough so he can resign and find a job he really love. So, I stopped working and was so insecured then. He showed me all his e-mails and gave me his passwords.
But up to now, I just can’t help but distrust him. He stays in the office very long because he was working he said. How can I trust him again? Is there a way that I’d be able to know if he is into it again? Why would he clear up his chat messages?
I caught him because I logged on to his chat box and saw some chats there. Please if you know any way that I’ll be able to know if he is into chat again? Is there something wrong with me? I always trust my instincts, thats why I am so SAD now.

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Answer by Joe C
Well, you married a real winner, but when men sit around not working, this sort of thing is made worse.

Try talking with him, and hopefully, this will be able to snap him out of it if he realizes how serious and harmful it is. I hope that he loves and cares for you enough to change.

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Help with online dating, women please?

Question by nyc31: Help with online dating, women please?
I’m new to online dating. I’m 31/m in New York city. It would be helpful if you women can help answer some of my questions –

– what is the best online dating service for New York city?
– I’m ideally looking for a long term relationship. What criteria do I use to filter among the women on the site?
– Is it a better idea to chat and phone for a while before actually meeting?
– How many dates before sex?

Please advise

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Answer by Julio
your local bar

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Wife just moved out seperated and is talking divorce.(women Please)?

Question by Dadintrouble: Wife just moved out seperated and is talking divorce.(women Please)?
She moved out last night and as much as i have changed my preception on thing she didnt want to stay and work it out. Have a 5 year old and we agreed to 50-50 custody and such, Im a great father and great provider. I just bought a her a house 7 months ago and spent 20k furnishing it with what she wanted. She left me basically for emotional neglect and she is correct, but the reason i was this way was because she refused to help around the house. I worked full time, her part time, I did 95% house chores, including cooking. And she would not pick up after herself, i felt like a women complaining about their husbands. She would come home and throw her socks and shoes in the middle of the floor and go to sleep on couch. Disregard if it was supper time for our 5 year old etc.. Now i do love her but she doesnt love me anymore, as far as i can tell there is no other guy , but im sure there wontl be soon. She told me she is enjoying the attention from other guys and it makes her feel good.
Now my question is i am giving her space and try to have as little contact with her as possible, but we do share custody of our child so we have to talk alot. I am wondering if i should ask her out on a date for valentines day? i was thinking maybe just buying her some flowers and having them delivered, saying love always or something like that. I am not sure what to do so any advice/recommendations would be great.
When i mean changed my perception, i mean i am working on not letting her cleaning habits build regret in myself. That way i can show that i do love her without the resentment.

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Answer by BJgirl
Im sorry she has done this to you…

Honestly,if I were you,I would move on. From what I have read,she sounds very self-centered,and that wont change…

I wish you the best…and no,I wouldnt waste money on a Valentines gift…

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Can you please direct me to the right thing to chat so i dont have to go through the dating thing?

Question by babylovingsweet: Can you please direct me to the right thing to chat so i dont have to go through the dating thing?

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Answer by jdog44442003
yep i miss the old chat rooms….the new chat rooms has all that porn bulll crap in it now……but hey if ya want to chat with a good ol country boy….email me…..i love to chat….

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is it wrong to use books like Art Of Approaching to pick up chicks? It really has helped me though. Please?

Question by drivefast2006: is it wrong to use books like Art Of Approaching to pick up chicks? It really has helped me though. Please?
I picked up this book a couple months ago and read it then forgot about it. Now I read it over twice in one night. While out with some friends I used some of the skills in that book, and I scored a really cute girl at a water ice store! Is this wrong or not? The thing is, once we get to conversations I am not that good with the talking yet…I am only 17. But my friends told me I sounded really good when I asked her out!

The book was from here – .

All opinions are welcome…and I really appreciate them! Thanks.

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Answer by mark
I purchased as well. It helped me talk to girls and open myself up more. I do not think it is wrong to use tools like these. People use self help books all the time..ya know?

I am glad to see the book has worked wonders for you though. I am still going out with the girl that I asked out after reading this!

Cheers Mate.

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My mom’s 4th divorce (women only please)?

Question by Sweetface24: My mom’s 4th divorce (women only please)?
My mother is going through a divorce right now and it I want to help her through this and help her to become a stronger person.Her husband cheats,doesn’t take care of his home,and barely works.All the signs were there and she overlooked it just because she was lonely.I told her that all her marriages she made bad choices and not only it effected her but it has effected me and my sisters as well.We saw her get abused physically,used, and mistreated emtionally and I told her that she should have been a stronger woman for us and been a better example for her girls while we were growing up.She traded in her loneliness and lost her self esteem and respect just to have someone that is unavailable to her and her needs anyway.She always bought them,supported them,loved them and got nothing in return.I had to learn how to not need a man and learning to become a stronger woman through her mistakes and from other women outside my family.I told her just date and not get married any time soon.

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Answer by JENNIFER M
to me it sounds like your mother craves the beginning of a relationship so yes i belive she should date but just be you and try not to force her into anything she really needs time for her so try to do things like get her nails done and get her hair done

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“Only Pretty, Young and Healthy, Please” — Jewish Matchmaking Taken to the Next Level


New York, NY (PRWEB) July 17, 2007

47% of all marriages involving Jewish persons are interfaith marriages. Is this a blessing or a serious problem? Well, whichever view we take on this issue, the truth is — there is many Jewish singles out there who would very much like to meet a like-minded Jewish soul, but since Jewish matchmaking is not an option for them, they just don’t know how.

Up until recently Jewish singles were almost completely dependent on Jewish matchmaking services, which in all honesty, tend to serve best only certain group of people. In Orthodox circles, if you are over 25 years old, you are already “way over the hill” and most of matchmakers will refuse even consider setting you up.

This is where the new phenomenon — online Jewish dating — comes in. More and more “unmarriageable” Jewish singles bypass Jewish matchmakers and decide to look for their soul mates online. Many Jewish singles have already met their beshert online. But the big problem is, that many people approach online dating without awareness of its potential danger.

“Online Jewish dating can be an incredibly interesting and exciting experience,” says Simi Braun from Jewish Matchmaking and Dating. “It can lead to marriage and life long bliss. Thousands of people have met their soul mates through online services. At the same time, many people with the same goal at heart, have been emotionally or physically hurt, conned out of all their savings and left embarrassed and psychologically injured.”

Simi, who’s met her fiancé through online Jewish dating services, claims that it’s just as easy to attract the right person, as it is the wrong person. The key to successful dating is knowledge. That’s why she has dedicated her free time to create a website (, that will help Jewish singles find out how to go about Internet dating.

The Internet, with all its dangers, brings along a new wave off hope. Jewish singles are no longer dependent on gold digging matchmakers. They can now take these important matters in their own hands. Saying this, we have to remember that Internet is a potentially dangerous territory. It’s important that every Jewish single learns how to use online dating services properly and Jewish Matchmaking and Dating is there to support them.