Dating & Waiting: Looking for Love in All the Right Places

Dating & Waiting: Looking for Love in All the Right Places

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An upbeat and sensible response to the giving up dating phenomenon.

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Any good places to meet in New York? Looking to do more dating, maybe some good dating service?

Question by Patrick: Any good places to meet in New York? Looking to do more dating, maybe some good dating service?
Just need some advices on places, and maybe some services that are good for someone relatively fresh to dating.

Best answer:

Answer by MIke C
New York City AKA you need Money, lots of drinking..

well i found craigslist worked very well for me when i lived there.

also in new york people are always busy and moving around and fast pace.. is perfect

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Rev. Douglas James Cottrell PhD: 2012 Approaching – Safe places / earth changes (4/5)

This is anaudio Deep Trance Meditation (DTM) session by Douglas James Cottrell set to images and subtitles to help summarize and convey the meaning of the words. If you are unfamiliar with Douglas’ work, he is a trance intuitive in the same vein and style as Edgar Cayce. Search on his name for other videos or visit his website ( for further information. This has been posted with permission; I upload additional vids like this (with channeled information) periodically, so if you found this interesting, click the ‘subscribe’ tab. Thanks for watching
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Places to meet people online

Places to meet people online

Places to meet people online

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Places to meet people online

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Posted: Sep 22, 2010 |Comments: 0


Today meeting people online is far much more easier and cheaper than it has ever been in the past. In fact its pretty much free to find and meet people online in many places. Below I am describing a list of places where you can meet new people online based on how popular they are.


1. Dating sites: Dating sites are by far the most popular and obvious place to meet people online. There are tons of dating sites online nowadays each trying to capture their own niche. You can find dating sites by religion, ethnicity, culture or any other way you can group people together. Although most will try to charge you for their services, there are still few major sites that are providing the service free of charge to end user and instead subsidies cost by advertisements. Dating sites help you meet new people online with primary purpose of romance. You create your own online profile and then look at other’s profile online to find a suitable partner.


2. Social Networks: The second most popular place to meet people online is through social networks. Social networks provide a place to meet people online not only for platonic relations but also for anybody who might share similar interests as you. People meet new people online and often translate it into a friendship. Social networks provide a wider spectrum of people and hence more option to meet new people online.

3. Online Groups and Forums: This may not seem so obvious places to meet people online but online groups and forums constitute huge traffic and gatherer of people. These groups are usually oriented towards a particular interest or agenda and therefore you will find people online mostly with similar interests here. You can pretty much find online groups on any subject and meet people online with those thoughts.

4. Chat rooms: Although somewhat old and outdated now, sites that host chat rooms are also places online to meet new people. Now days most of these sites would provide a video chat options as well making the experience more personal. Chat rooms are more used by younger crowd then anybody else. Yahoo used to host one of the most popular chat rooms.

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For more information on meet local people please visit: Activity Partner.


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What are the best places to meet women ?
What are the best places to meet men ?
I am starting a online sales business, Once a customer has placed a order what happens next?, How can i get the item dispacted to the customer while i am working full time? please help thanks

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Where are good places to meet single straight African American men between the 28-35 in Atlanta?

Question by chocolatebabycakes: Where are good places to meet single straight African American men between the 28-35 in Atlanta?
I’m a newly single African American woman and I have noticed that dating in Atlanta is very challenging! Someone please tell me where to go to meet decent men that have careers, morals, value, NOT gay, not bi.

Best answer:

Answer by fatalbert167
you live in atl, 2nd black capital of the U.S. , how hard can it be

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Where are good places to meet professional, single men in New York?

Question by Carmela ©1973: Where are good places to meet professional, single men in New York?
I recently called off my wedding and I need a rebound guy!

Best answer:

Answer by bluedevil1642
A rebound guy to make your ego grow again… Real classy.

I hope you don’t find a nice, professional guy to use.

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