Do children from single parents have a harder time?

Question by jeny: Do children from single parents have a harder time?
I have noticed just from a few friends who are single parents(absent fathers) that their children have a harder time, more discipline problems than children from two parent homes. Does anyone else agree with me on this? It seems that having a father in the picture makes a world of a difference in the lives of these children. Is this a valid reason to stay with that person and works through the problems if possible? It would be for me if it a was a known fact that children are well rounded and happier.

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Answer by Jay
it depends on the situation if the father was a good parent and good person but things just ended up not working out between mom and dad then probably yes…but if the father was a drunk abusive to the mom then the children would suffer more for seing that on a regular basis………Majority of people who have children together do try to make things work before calling it quits… but if it doesnt work it is not good for a child to grow up in a house hold where there parents do not respect each other

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Poll: Single parents when the house is settled for the night do you have a long to do list?

Question by : Poll: Single parents when the house is settled for the night do you have a long to do list?
Like do you have this stack of papers from your child’s school you need to look at and fill out but feel you rather not at that moment. It can be a lot for single parents cause we literally only have ourselves to fall back on. We give the baths,cook,clean,work,nurturers,disciplinarian,etc.
Would like to hear about your night after the kid or kids are in bed.

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Answer by LorenaBob-It!
When my house is settled for the night it means that I am passed out in the lazy boy with the tv on, a beer in my hand.

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Can single parents join the national guard?

Question by : Can single parents join the national guard?
I am a single parent and want to join the national guard full time for my child’s sake of having decent insurance and a parent with steady income…As far as 2011 goes is the national guard accepting single parents? If so does anyone have any personal experience as to what the process would be to do so?

Also my mother has agreed to taking care of my child while i would be gone…So there’s no doubts there.

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Answer by mustangsally76
The National Guard is NOT full-time. It is basically like the Reserves, Yes, you can join teh National Guard as a signle parent. However, you need to give them a ROCK SOLID family plan before they will consider you for enlistment. The National Guard is basically one weekend a month, two weeks a year..just like the Reserves. it pays about $ 180 a month. You cannot join any aspect of the military full-time Active Duty as a single parent.

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