The British Paras: Thinking Man’s Infantry

A short video clip of the British Paras with some inspiring music by Hans Zimmer from the epic movie, “Gladiator”. The video and music here comes together in a moving way that is not equalled; you just have to watch it and see for yourself. Why Brits Jump Low Best For the most complete listing of All the World’s Airborne Operations (to include the British Paras) you will find anywhere: There is much to be learned from the British Paras. Aside from General Browning’s goof (not the Paras’ fault) at Arnhem, their record is spotless. While the Royal Marines were wearing GREEN BERETS exposing their heads as targets to the Argies in the Falklands War British paras were wearing KEVLAR BALLISTC HELMETS with EFFECTIVE CAMOUFLAGE; a tradition of excellence dating back to WW2: LT Richard Todd British Para Helmet Camouflage Kit Moreover, the 16 Air Assault Brigade employs Spartan/Scimitar and the Royal Marines Bv10S tracked light tanks/APCs from C-130 Hercules aircraft that have air-refuel capabilities; putting current American Paratroopers and marines to shame with our wheeled trucktard, road-bound, vulnerability madness. The US military is a yes-man bureaucracy where we MUST tell the boss whatever lies he wants to hear and have us do. FIDO = Fuck It, Drive On. This makes us disconnected from reality and stops THINKING that destroys the ability to live by your conscience. Its highly immoral and
Video Rating: 4 / 5