O’Farrell’s awaiting public service work-out

O’Farrell’s awaiting public service work-out
Even if Barry O’Farrell romps home in next month’s state election, his mandate for change will be held back by units of the NSW public service, particularly WorkCover and its tattered reputation. 17 Feb 2011 9:55 AM
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Mark Write and Kayla Collins Seen Dating in London
Celebrities such as Mark Wright and Kayla Collins love dating in London, with so much choice of trendy bars and restaurants such as Nobu and Funky Buddha in London’s fashionable Mayfair there’s never been a better time to start dating in London!
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Racial Divide for Online Dating?
On-line dating appears to be as segregated as the real world, say researchers from the University of California, Berkeley. Researchers gathered information from more than 1 million profiles of singles looking for love online. They learned that whites overwhelmingly prefer to date members of their own race, while blacks, especially men, are far more likely […]
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