What are the most essential features needed for a dating site?

Question by hughmanwho: What are the most essential features needed for a dating site?
I have an idea, kind of a new twist on the free dating site idea but still would like to know what the average person looks for in a dating site.

For example, what questions should be asked in the profile? Anything you would like to see in a dating site that you haven’t seen yet?

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Answer by Nancy
there are some features that should be there in a dating website
like , it should not be for any intentional benefit so it should be for general public interest not fot the personal.

All the registered users should be real , all the content must be for the public interest.
apart from these there are many other factors which should be kept in mind like .. can see from http://tringuladating.com/

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Met an online dating con artist-Advice needed?

Question by Wee Girl: Met an online dating con artist-Advice needed?
Met a 42 yr old caucasian man in Las Vegas off one of the online dating profiles a few months ago. In the beginning of the first 2 weeks, he was accessible and would call/text often to see how i was doing. Soon after that, calls were less frequent and I did not realize until recently as I was filtering thru my pic text that there were 2 additional numbers on those pics that he sent to as well. We had stopped talking about 3 weeks ago as his stories were starting to get inconsistent and he would NEVER pick up his phone in the evening or say he never got my text. I called him on all the inconsistencies and he just said that he didnt want to argue with me anymore and hung up on me. I did not hear from him again following that, but did get a text a week later to wish me a happy bday.

I now am back on the online dating scene, but with a diff company and I find his profile on there. I read thru it and it all makes sense that he is online looking to scam women (only specifically asian women) to help him invest in his wine bar that he is looking to open this yr. From his profile he states he is in no hurry or “need” to be in a relationship,but is looking for a partner who shares the same dreams, drive, and visions as he does. If a woman was to read that, what opinions would you be able to formulate from that? I feel like he has been playing with multiple women all this time and will continue to do so until he finds the one that he can help him invest. He never gave me the reason as to why he didnt want to have any type contact with me, but now i am realizing that he had a “secret” agenda the whole time and if you did not have what he wanted, he moves onto the next unsuspected prey. How do I stop him from manipulating more asian women like myself? He will be considered very ill willed in the online dating world if he continues this. I cannot report a concern as I do not have proof other than from experience. I do believe in Karma and know that all this will come tumbling down on him sooner or later. he has now changed his number as well as I tried to call out of curiosity. He wants to be out of siteo ut of mind, that is why he chooses on his profile that he is looking to meet women 250 miles from Vegas, so they cannot know what he does thruout the week because of the distance.

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Answer by ash.sb209
hunt him down.

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