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Trying to make messages on an online dating site women can relate to.?

Question by rubydelight: Trying to make messages on an online dating site women can relate to.?
I am a personal assistant for a 30 year old male in DC and he is an economic intern, and he wants me to find him dates on the site, well I am doing the best I can but need some advice to make the messages get responed faster.. He wants me to use words like pre-selected, and other very generic words any advice I would appreciate soo much, Im trying to make them a bit more personal and not so generic, oh my!

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Answer by LovingBeingAMom
Wow, he really needs to do this himself–you are in no position to be picking out dates for him. It is people like this that give online dating a bad name…have him peruse the profiles himself, or maybe sit with him and help him create a profile and see what he gets for responses from other women. This may be a good way to test the waters.

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