What are the advantages of dating before marriage?

Question by love in the stratosphere: What are the advantages of dating before marriage?
You know how some cultures believe in only dating to see if you’re going to marry someone. But other people think it’s ok to date like when your 16, and you’re not serious about marriage?

What are the advantages of dating a couple of people before finally settling down with a special someone and marrying them?

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Answer by Kayt
To learn more about your likes and dislikes of what you find in a partner I guess.

I wouldn’t know though, I started dating at 15 and 10 years later I’m married to him 🙂

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marriage with a divorced women.?

Question by gambler: marriage with a divorced women.?

I am living in dubai and got a gf who i want to marry, she is also currently living in dubai. She was previously married and got her divorce from her ex husband. i want to marry her but i dont want anybody to know (not my family either) that she was previously married. i know it is necessary for her to show proof of divorce before getting remarried. Is it possible if she lies and say that she never got marrid. is there a way they can find out that she was married. We will be marrying in court in dubai.

your help will be appreciated

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Answer by Happy-2
Given that you are so ashamed of her that you want to lie about her past, I predict a very bad marriage. Since you don’t like who she is, you should do her the favor of setting her free to find someone who can be proud to be in a marriage with her.

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If you know God is against divorce, why not work on your marriage instead of trying to get hooked up on line?

Question by follower_of_christ36: If you know God is against divorce, why not work on your marriage instead of trying to get hooked up on line?
there are a lot of dating sites where divorce men and women come to find a mate and a lot of them are Christians looking to remarry. I have chatted with some of the women and my one question that I ask is, “why are you posting on your page that you are a God fearing divorce woman looking for a God fearing man. If anything, shouldn’t you be asking God to help fix your marriage instead of going on a date site to find someone else since you already know that God is against divorce? If you think about, why do you think John the baptist was beheaded?
could it be because he kept telling Herod to repent

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Answer by Strats!!
Because people are lazy and stupid.

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