Grindr launches Blendr for straights, will it work? Blendr is a location-based app for smartphones that helps bring straight people together, made by the makers of Grindr, the app that gay men use to find their next random hookup. The focus for Blendr, however is drastically different. Will this work, and how will this instantly gratifying technology change the way we meet new people and date?

LifeWorks Matchmaking Launches Dating Site for People With Disabilities

LifeWorks Matchmaking Launches Dating Site for People With Disabilities

“On February 14, 2011, LifeWorks Matchmaking LLC, announced the launch of eDateAbility an on-line dating and personal matchmaking site for singles with physical disabilities affecting their sight, hearing, or mobility; it also welcomes singles with chronic health conditions, such as diabetes or other illnesses…”

List Price: $ 0.99

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Australian Online Dating Launches New Singles Chat Club!

Australian Online Dating Launches New Singles Chat Club!

Australian Online Dating Launches New Singles Chat Club!

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Home Page > Relationships > Dating > Australian Online Dating Launches New Singles Chat Club!

Australian Online Dating Launches New Singles Chat Club!

Posted: Aug 20, 2008 |Comments: 1
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There is an over supply of online dating services on the market and there are many competing dating sites trying to capitalize on niche online dating ventures. Even though there remains an over supply of online dating services, the popular dating sites are experiencing huge growth in memberships.

Australian online dating is the latest dating concept to capitalize on a new idea regarding membership subscriptions and mirroring the practice of some night clubs in allowing females entry for free while guys pay a cover charge of .30.
As with the night club concept there are several rooms on offer. Within a night club there is often rooms offering different themes (e.g. Techno, R & B and funky house tunes rooms. Likewise, Australian online dating  also offers an array of rooms for its members centred on different themes and topics. Members can also create their own room and control its access.

This fresh concept being introduced is a world first by an online dating site. The current average ratio of males vs females on dating sites is clearly unbalance with males at around 65% and females at 35%. A survey conducted by an Australian online dating service claims that their members have indicated a positive response as this new subscription concept is a positive for both males and females.

A spokesman from the online dating industry that assisted with this article was asked, “Why is this concept a winner”? “Free for females is obviously a great thing, and there’s no catch – free means free. The advantage for the guys is that they can capitalize on the increase of new and interesting female members who will no doubt take advantage of the free memberships. All the guys pay is from .30 for full access and the potential to meet 1000s of real single ladies on this online dating site. Guys can finally navigate around a dating site with a balance of female to male members rather than one that is dominated by too many males and not enough females.”

It’s a link with tradition, like men paying for the lady on a date, or offering her a drink to get to know her. Similarly, this idea of free online dating for females and paid online dating for men has taken the concept of traditions shared between men and women in our society and applied it to the online dating world. There has been a plethora of free online dating services and free online chat rooms of late but none have taken the bold leap of the Australian online dating site offering free online dating to ladies.

A leading Australian consumer magazine recently compared the cost of popular ways to find singles. .00-0.00 per night will give the city guys and girls a night out on the town, taking into consideration taxi fares, drinks, food and maybe some new clothes or a new do. If you’re doing this once or twice a week the annual cost is around 00.00 per year for your average sociable guy or gal. By comparison, it can cost as little as .00 per year to use an online dating service. The math says it all.

It has also been reported by recent studies into the lifestyle of singles that online dating services offer members a wider choice of singles than conventional dating options. The internet provides a cost effective and safe environment to find singles in a no hassle environment, with over 20000000 visitors per month searching online for singles and chat rooms on a global scale. 

Free Singles Dating Service Online Dating Services Internet Dating Site & Chat Rooms 



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Mr Online Dating
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Chat Online Dating Site Australia offers singles Free Online Dating Tips

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Free Online Dating Site Offers Free Online Dating – for Ever!

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‘Little Black Dress Club’ Launches New Web site


Arlington, VA (PRWEB) September 9, 2009

The Little Black Dress Club is excited to announce the launch of its new Web site, which can be found at “Due to growth in multiple metro areas, including Nashville, Miami, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Washington DC, and Naples, FL the new site is an important expansion,” says Chief Technology Officer Jenny Holzer. “The new site allows for important improvements including, special discounts for members from women-centric businesses.”

“The new Web site furthers the club’s mission of creating an easy way for women to get connected to one another for advice, camaraderie, or for the purposes of going out or taking a trip,” said Chief Executive Officer Christine Zellers. “The Club’s members are in a variety of life stages — single, new in town and looking to socialize, married and wanting to get out of the house for a “girls’ night out, and everything in between.” The newly launched site facilitates the Metro area coordinators that host regular events.

Members can now create their own events on the “Friend Finder” forums so they can tap into the network and make new friends. On the site, women can connect with other women. For example, if a member finds a cooking class she wants to take and is looking for someone to join her in the class, she can post the event and find another person who might also want to attend. The newly designed site also makes communication between members faster and easier, as well as provides information about different events and opportunities for women in different metro areas.

About the Little Black Dress Club

The Little Black Dress Club is a group of adventurous and interesting women, ranging in age from 20s to 50s, who want to make new friends and have fun together. Metro area coordinators host regular events and members post events on “Friend Finder” forums so “there’s always someone to share an occasion.” Please visit to sign up and see our upcoming events.


Lavender Liaisons Launches Exclusive Matchmaking Service for Bay Area Lesbians Seeking Life Partners


San Jose, CA (PRWEB) January 23, 2007

Lavender Liaisons, a personalized lesbian matchmaking service for the Greater Bay Area, helps active, professional lesbians say “goodbye” to being single and online dating services that miss the mark.

A matchmaker with 20 years of experience, Founder Susan Adams, notes that the needs of single lesbians in search of long term, committed relationships differ dramatically from their gay male counterparts. Says Adams, “It’s harder for lesbians in San Francisco and Silicon Valley to find partners on their own because there are a lot of lesbian social communities where everybody already knows each other. The communities feel too small. Lavender Liaisons connects the dots between all of the little divided communities throughout the Greater Bay Area so that lesbians can meet.”

Further noticing the “large number of lesbians who stand around in quiet, little groups of ones and twos,” and who “don’t fit in with the hot, 20-something, hard bodies or the partiers at the bar” at lesbian events, such as the Dinah, The Dinah Shore Weekend 2006 in Palm Springs, CA, she realized “there was a strong need for someone with my caliber of skills and experience to step forward who could introduce all of these great women to one another.”

In a world of depersonalization, personalized service is strategic to Adams’ success. Unlike other services where clients might never meet with a Customer Representative, Lavender Liaison Matchmakers represent each of their clients exclusively, taking care to create matches of deep compatibility.

Affiliated with most lesbian organizations in Northern California, Lavender Liaisons Customer Representatives and Matchmakers additionally attend gay events, lesbian workshops and seminars, shop in lesbian districts, and belong to gay travel agencies.

“I am amazed and astounded at the quality of the members,” says Adams. “I’ve been meeting some of the coolest, most interesting, most accomplished women, and I endeavor to have everyone we work with be happily matched within a year.”

About Lavender Liaisons

Lavender Liaisons is an exclusive matchmaking service offering a personalized approach for lesbians seeking a long term, committed relationship in the Silicon Valley- San Francisco Bay Area. For more information on Lavender Liaisons visit


Rentabiliweb Launches France’s 1st Sponsored Payment Platform on Facebook and Internet

Rentabiliweb Launches France’s 1st Sponsored Payment Platform on Facebook and Internet
New Micropayment Technology
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Cashman calls offer to Jeter ‘appropriate and fair’
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Best love story of the year? Possibly. Most adult? Almost certainly.
Read more on ReelViews Officially Launches as Leading Online Personals Industry News Site


(PRWEB) February 10, 2005 officially launched today as the premier source for online personals news and industry information. The site lists breaking news on internet dating, social networking and business networking from all over the world. Industry executives, analysts and users are invited to comment on the listed news items. OPW is led by industry executive Mark Brooks. also lists online personals industry rankings, courtesy of Hitwise Competitive Intelligence. As more singles feel the bite of being single over the holidays and into the New Year, online personals leaders have been rallying for pole position in the competitive singles market.

Hitwise reports on industry rankings based on the number of website visits. Monthly data for January reports Yahoo Personals continuing to lead the way in the market, followed by Match, American Singles and eHarmony. WebDate had more visits than either Friendster and FriendFinder and moved to the 5th ranked most visited online personals site. MSN leapfrogged into 11th place. moved up two spots to take 12th place.

Sites focusing on personality profiling are holding firmly onto their positions in the market; eHarmony is the leader among personality profiling websites, followed by True and PerfectMatch.

Other popular sites with very specific targeting are seemingly etched into strong market positions. Sites focusing on religion are very established. JDate appears to be the most popular religion specific dating site – in top spot for the month of January, followed by BigChurch, ChristianMingle and ChristianCafe.

Editor, Mark Brooks, has been involved in the online personals industry since 1998 when he launched as Silicon Valley’s social activities club for young professionals. He subsequently helped launch one of the first personality profiling sites which was acquired by EZBoard. Mark went on to work with the CEO/Founders of leading sites Friendster, FriendFinder and Cupid, guiding branding, marketing and acquisitions initiatives.

”Finding the right partner is the most important decision a person can make. Online personals sites hold great promise in helping us improve the quality of these decisions by various means. I hope to give greater visibility to the industry as a whole with OnlinePersonalsWatch,” stated Mr Brooks.

Note: Categories defined by OnlinePersonalsWatch.

About Online Personals Watch:

OnlinePersonalsWatch has no ads, no fluff, just raw news relevant to the online personals industry. Mark Brooks, the editor, is an online personals industry analyst and advocate. Mark previously worked with the CEO/Founders of Friendster, FriendFinder and

About Hitwise:

Hitwise is the world’s leading online competitive intelligence service. Each day, Hitwise monitors how more than 25 million Internet users interact with over 500,000 websites across 160 industry categories. More information about Hitwise is available at


Mark Brooks


cell: 408-828-6886

# # #

Online Dating Magazine Launches Free Online Dating Newsletter


CARPINTERIA, CA (PRWEB) July 20, 2004 Online Dating Magazine has launched a new dating newsletter for people serious about improving their relationships and creating new relationships through online dating. The free newsletter, which is delivered via email once a week, contains relationship advice, romance tips, online dating news, creative date ideas, and inspirational quotes. The newsletter Website is located at .

“The online dating industry is growing by about 0 million a year,” says Joe Tracy, publisher of Online Dating Magazine and editor of the Online Dating Newsletter. “With millions of people participating in online dating, information to help improve people’s chances of meeting the right person, and experience amazing relationships, is vital. That is why we launched the Online Dating Newsletter. Every issue is packed with valuable ideas and techniques to not only improve a person’s chance of online dating success, but to also help relationships grow to new levels.”

According to MarketRange, most people using online dating services “are between the ages of 20 and 45 years old. They are professionals and non-professionals alike and have a wide range of interests and tastes.” Jupiter Research estimates that 20% of online users browse various online dating services and that over 0 million a year is spent for memberships to online dating services.

Tracy says that as the online dating industry grows, so do the frustrations of users who find it harder to stand out and get results. Standing out is vital for getting responses and the free Online Dating Newsletter helps achieve that result for readers.

Each issue of the Online Dating Newsletter contains the following nine sections:

From the Editor

Creative Date Ideas

Online Dating Tips

Relationship Tips

Relationship Quotes

Inspirational Quotes

Romantic Ideas

Online Dating News

Online Dating Features

To subscribe to the Online Dating Newsletter, go to and click the Subscribe button to enter your email address. All information is confidential and never given to any third party. You can go directly to the subscribe page by visiting

About Online Dating Magazine

Online Dating Magazine is an online publication providing in-depth coverage of the Internet dating industry that allows readers to have a more rewarding and safe experience. Online Dating Magazine covers everything from dating site news and reviews to self-improvement and user experiences. The free magazine is available at

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