Irishman condemns Rira/Cira as drug pushers, brothel keepers, loan sharks. Part 3/3

Michael Quinn describing what we all know about the so-called dissident republicans and other traitor anti-irish gangster scum: “These paramilitaries and so-called Dissident republicans they’re talking about freedom for Ireland, yet they’re destroying our youth because they’re involved in protecting drug dealers and the drug lords. Paramilitaries are involved in moneylending aswell and getting backhanders from these guys. I ‘m disgusted with these people. They are the dregs of society. And we know the continuity ira is involved in brothels, so basically if you are involved in brothels in Ireland or anywhere in eastern Europe- you’re involved in human trafficking, and we’re talking about young girls, 13, 14, 15 year old eastern European girls. Would you like your daughter to be lifted and end up in Saudi Arabia as a prostitute, having to service men for 10 and 12 hours every single day. This is the kind of stuff they’re getting into. They’re enemies of the Irish people, they’re enemies to the whole of this island including the 6 counties. These guys are just- scum. Because if these are the kind of things they’re involved in, well all they are is common criminal thugs and they disgrace everything they supposedly fighting for, defending or whatever!”
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