Are we really judging someone’s fitness to be President based on their marital issues?

Question by Megara: Are we really judging someone’s fitness to be President based on their marital issues?
If you think this is a strong basis upon which to judge someone’s fitness for office… do you think your own personal life would withstand public scrutiny, if every single detail about everything you’ve ever done was brought into the limelight by the media? Would your marriage survive? And would you be electable?

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Answer by fwrsxs200jsxc
im not running for office. i hope whoever is elected is better qualified than me.

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EVERY SINGLE DAY Ad | Economic Stimulus | American Issues Project

The excessive federal spending spree MUST STOP ! ——————— [FEB 2009] American Issues Projects new ad highlights the failure of the pork-laden stimulus bill to stimulate the economy. Washington, DC February 20, 2009 American Issues Project launched a major television advertising campaign today spotlighting the excessive spending and pet projects within the far-reaching stimulus legislation, which the Congressional Budget Office has said will harm the American economy in the long term. The ad will begin running today on FOX News, CNN, CNN Headline News, CNBC and FOX Business Network. Washington is, once again, out of touch with the American people, said Ed Martin, the organizations president. Congress has used the anxiety of the American people as a vehicle for appeasing special interest groups and financing their pork projects back home. This type of spending has no place within emergency legislation intended to jump-start the economy. The ad also showcases examples of the billions spent on pork projects—including golf carts, fish hatcheries and remodeled federal offices—and targets liberal senator Charles Schumer for his claim on the Senate floor that the American people really dont care about porky amendments. American Issues Projects ad examines assertions that the funding in the stimulus package will not help the economy, neither this year nor in the long term, according to economists and the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office. With this so-called
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What is a guy/ girl meant to do about jealousy issues?

Question by Arnie: What is a guy/ girl meant to do about jealousy issues?
Like i wonder how i will be when i see my future girl around other guys, the thought of it kinda bugs me, i don’t want to be one of those crazy guys who won’t even let her talk or look at another guy but i just wonder how you cope with this, sure it works both ways with the ladies 2 getting jealous seeing their men around other ladies, so how does this work?

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Answer by Pyramid Head
i think just talking and laughing is ok,but rubbing up close,touching,and that is strictly off limits.

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Woman has issues with Treasure Hunters Roadshow

Woman has issues with Treasure Hunters Roadshow
Norwalk resident Connie Myers’ monthly income is about $ 400 — money she receives from the state for caring for her granddaughter as a certified day care provider.
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February 23, 2010
Sarawak is the only state in Malaysia where Umno has not established any presence. Within Sarawak itself, the talk is not so much if, but when Umno will make a grand entry, as it did in Sabah.
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The Rock’s Backpages Flashback: Pulp Break Through to the Common People
The reformation of Britpop oddities Pulp affords us the excuse to sit in on Pete Paphides’ 1995 encounter with beanpole frontman Jarvis Cocker…
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