Good Friends Are Hard to Find

Good Friends Are Hard to Find

This guide teaches parents clinically-tested techniques from UCLA’s world-renowned Children’s Social Skills Program for helping their 5- to 12-year-olds make friends and solve problems with other kids. Also provided is concrete help for handling teasing, bullying, and meanness, both for the child who is picked on and for the tormentor.

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Women, online dating and playing hard to get?

Question by roll ova rova: Women, online dating and playing hard to get?
If a women reads my message, looks at my profile and doesn’t respond; most would say “NOT INTERESTED, DUH.” but some women play hard to get and after some chasing they answer back as if she was replying to the 1st message instead of the 3rd or 4th.

Am I right to say that a look (or no look if she’s hard-core hard to get tease) without a reply does not necessarily mean NOT INTERESTED, but COULD mean I WANT YOU TO CHASE ME FOR A BIT.

Yes no? maybe? I dont know. Can you repeat the question…
Oh yea, I keep emailing until they either coe out of their shell or tell me to piss off…only way to know for sure, just because you dont catch fish the 1st time in that sea, doesnt mean you wont catch ever.
OH YEA, I must clarify that I dont expect INSTANT reply, we all have lives. But how long does it take to think of a reply? days? SERIOUSLY! LOL!

Best answer:

Answer by Patient Chicken
Huh??If a man is patient then he’ll eventually get to know me.Eventually.

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How hard or easy would it be for a disabled American single woman to relocate to Romania?

Question by Flashy: How hard or easy would it be for a disabled American single woman to relocate to Romania?
I am 43yrs old and am disabled. I do not work anylonger, however, I do collect a check from my government. I have thought long about moving to Romania and my concers are; health care and the finacial aspects of a single American female. I know that in 2007, Romania will become part of the European sector, I am not sure if this means anything to me or to others wanting to relocate to this beautiful land, but all of my questions and concerns I thought could be perhaps better answered here. Thank You ! Multumesc !

Best answer:

Answer by SeeknHm
I am unsure of Romania specifically but I do know that American government & culture has at least attempted to accomodate and assist disabled people (i.e. automatic doors, ramps and handicap restrooms.) However I have not seen evidance of this attitude in other countries (I do not think it is from a lack of need or desire of the government to help) I just believe that most governments of developing countries do not see it as quite a pressing issue as say their ecomony or organized crime. But I do not want to discourage you from seeking more information for others. There are many disabled in Romania who could benefit from your ability to advocate the Romanian Governement on their behalf.

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It’s Hard to Find a Friend

It’s Hard to Find a Friend

Remixed, remastered and repackaged with a brand new layout and lyrics for the 1st time according to David Bazan’s specifications.Pedro the Lion established themselves in the indie-emo scene with their debut EP, Whole, and its fluid melodies and dynamic changes. But if the band’s full-length debut is any indication, band leader David Bazan’s heart lies closer to the singer/songwriter ethos. It’s Hard to Find a Friend is at once confessional, intimate, and honest, with clean melodies and simple arrangements (bare bones guitar, bass, and drums; few overdubs or accouterments). These songs belie an underground awareness perfectly fused with pop sensibilities. Bazan’s understated baritone voice and simple guitar technique deliver heartbreaking ditties that resonate on an emotional level. And his sad love songs take on an Old Testament quality as they play out the story behind them. –Brad Caviness

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Dating Secrets for Men – How to Make a Woman Fall Hard For You

Dating Secrets for Men – How to Make a Woman Fall Hard For You

Dating Secrets for Men – How to Make a Woman Fall Hard For You

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Home Page > Relationships > Dating > Dating Secrets for Men – How to Make a Woman Fall Hard For You

Dating Secrets for Men – How to Make a Woman Fall Hard For You

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Posted: Nov 12, 2010 |


What happens to you when you see a drop dead gorgeous woman that you really want to get with badly? Are you the kind of guy that will act right in the moment and approach her without thinking about it at all? Or are you the kind of guy that watches her from afar and thinks about how cool it would be to get her but does nothing at all to make it happen? Unfortunately, most guys tend to be in that last group, as they will see a beautiful woman, one that they would very much want to be able to approach, and they end up doing nothing about it at all.

That does not have to be the case forever. You can learn a few dating secrets for men that can change all of that and help you to be the guy that gets the girl and it does not have to be a daunting thing at all. It can actually be kind of easy for you.

Here are a few dating secrets for men that will make a woman fall hard for you:

1. Approaching a woman is one of the hardest things to get comfortable with, but when you do… it opens up a world of no limits for YOU.

Not being able to approach a woman is one of the biggest obstacles that most guys face in their lives. Instead of being able to seize the opportunity and walk up to a woman and start a conversation that builds attraction, most guys do nothing but have a look and that’s it. How disappointing is that? It does not always come easy at first, but in time and with the right techniques, you can make approaching a woman become dead easy and you can then confidently approach any woman that you want to.

2. Women do not want to be picked up by any guy, but they do want to meet a guy that knows how to make her feel hot.

Women go out to clubs and bars with the hopes of meeting a guy that knows how to sweep them off of their feet, but very few actually go out with the hopes that they get “picked up.” If you have the mindset of trying to pick up women, you won’t do as well as if you have the mindset of just meeting women and creating rapport and attraction.

3. Being an average guy can actually make it easier for you to get a really good looking woman.

Why would I say this? Because most good looking women get approached by guys that think they are super smooth and when you can approach a woman and come off a little differently… that makes you stand out. And it’s normal for a woman to find it refreshing and attractive to meet a guy who stands out. You can be that guy.


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Chris Tyler
About the Author:

Want to get more *advanced* dating secrets for men that will make it EASY for you to attract any woman you desire?

Click Here to Get Your FREE Report on How to Approach, Attract, and Seduce Beautiful Women…

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