Danks gets no support, falls to 0-7

Danks gets no support, falls to 0-7
Rangers’ Ogando blanks Sox on 5 hits ARLINGTON, Texas — John Danks was a victim of non-support Monday night.
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Sixth seed Berdych bows out to qualifier at French Open
Defending champion Francesca Schiavone bounced back to her winning ways at the French Open, beating Melanie Oudin of the United States 6-2, 6-0 Monday in the first round.
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Lady Gaga fans swamp Amazon.com for new album
Fans of Lady Gaga swamped Amazon.com’s music service on Monday to get digitized copies of the pop provocateur’s new album for just 99 cents.
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any awesome anime that’s romantic where the guy gets the girl?

Question by i-love-L: any awesome anime that’s romantic where the guy gets the girl?
it has to have the guy/girl get the guy/girl.
has to have romance (kissing, hugging, etc.)

i’ve already watched these anime so please don’t mention any of them:

peach girl
sailor moon
fushigi yuugi
vampire knight
ouran high school host club
marmalade boy
fruits basket
full moon wa sagashite
currently watching kaichou wa maid-sama
itazura na kiss
special A
bokura ga ita
lovely complex
skip beat
ayashi no ceres

now i’ll leave the rest to you guys.
toradora is on my list…

Best answer:

Answer by steven p
i would recommend Love Hina, didn’t see it in your list. its very funny and a great romance story with lots of twists in it. if you don’t mind the read, i recommend reading the manga instead as the story is much better as the anime doesn’t follow the original story as straight.

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Usually movies have the guy getting the girl. What about any movies where the girl gets the guy?

Question by Jorge J: Usually movies have the guy getting the girl. What about any movies where the girl gets the guy?
Anybody know of any movie(s) where the girl gets the guy?

Best answer:

Answer by David S
I honestly don’t watch any, but I can guaran-damn-tee you any movie with Hilary Duff.

What do you think? Answer below!

Girl Gets Guy

Girl Gets Guy

Dearest girlfriends,
Are you struggling to find the right guy? Do you have trouble attracting men?
If so you have come to the right place, it’s time for some answers and “How to Get the Guy and Keep Him” has them!
My name is Clare and I have compiled this e-book from years of dating experiences and listening to girlfriends’ dating issues.
My purpose is to share the good the bad and the ugly from my experiences in order to help other women succeed in their relationships.
“We all have dating questions; it’s time for some answers”
I have taken the most asked questions from friends and answered them as honestly as I can by using proven results.
Confidence is key!
In this e-book you will be taught about confidence and how it is directly connected to your love life.
The root problem to most women’s dating issues; bring treated badly, not finding the right man and being unhappy is CONFIDENCE!
“Remember girls he is not the only man in the world”
I, like many of you, have dated numerous men and or boys that were less than worthy of me.
In this e-book I will give advice on how keep a guy you really like and get rid of the ones who are not worth your time.
“Are we really still in the Stone Age?”
Women have spent many years trying to look like confident single women who can do it all for themselves, so why is it when a man comes into the picture we melt back into the Stone Age? One minute we are working hard at our careers and the next we are cleaning his dirty socks and making sure he has a warm breakfast before he leaves.
I am not saying that we shouldn’t do nice things for the man we love, but let’s face it, cleaning his clothes after a few months of dating is not showing him we would make a good housewife but more that we are a total pushover.
“Our Standards are all we have, be RESPECTED”
Most guys will get away with as much as we let them, so we are responsible for setting our standards and cannot complain when they treat us the way we have let them.
“Learn the tricks on how to be a more confident woman!”
Getting Confidence – Ever wondered why guys flock around certain girls and not you. It’s all about the confidence you have in yourself.
Sending Signals – Send that man the right signals to have him eating out of the palm of your hand.
Family Matters – Why is it so important that he interacts with your family and you spend time with his.
Why doesn’t he call? – The question every girl has asked, I have the answers you are looking for.
“He will want to tell the world you’re his girl”
Why doesn’t he want to commit? – So you have been dating a guy, things seem to be getting serious so why doesn’t he want to commit? Find out what makes men different from us women.
Is he right for me? – Is he really the right guy for you? What do you want out of a relationship?
It must be Love – When you know you have found the real thing, how it feels and how to hold onto it.
“Real from the Heart advice for a woman like you”
Unlike other dating e-books you have read, this is truly from the heart and although it’s humorous and fun. It’s still a valuable resource for all those women who have been single to long, hurt, betrayed, made to feel worthless and now find themselves with nowhere else to go.
I found myself giving so much advice to friends in dating dilemmas that I realized there are so many other women out there who have no one to ask and nowhere to go.
With this e-book I hope to open your eyes and help with all those questions that have longed for answers.

List Price: $ 3.99

Price: {price-updating}

what is it that gets a girl interested in a guy. how does she show him that she want his attention?

Question by stingray: what is it that gets a girl interested in a guy. how does she show him that she want his attention?
I approach girls /women in many different ways to get their attention.
none seem to be interested. could i be missing their cues. I see some really dumb inconsiderate guys with girls all over them. i am at a loss.

Best answer:

Answer by Lolitta
It’s usually the way that a guy carries himself that gets a woman’s attention. Self-confidence, charm, and personality.

When a woman is interested in a man, she will try to get his attention, by talking, flirting, paying him compliments or asking for his advice.

Give your answer to this question below!

Guy Gets Girl – Guide To Help You Get Your Dream Girl

Guy Gets Girl – Guide To Help You Get Your Dream Girl

Guy Gets Girl – Guide To Help You Get Your Dream Girl

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Home Page > Relationships > Dating > Guy Gets Girl – Guide To Help You Get Your Dream Girl

Guy Gets Girl – Guide To Help You Get Your Dream Girl

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Posted: Oct 25, 2009 |Comments: 0


Feeling sexually appealing is one of the most instinctive emotions a man could ever face. The need to have a magnetic personality is a prime concern of anybody looking for companionship in life, man or woman. That said, it is true that there are many men who cannot, even if their life depends on it, gather enough courage to approach an attractive woman. If only you were on the other side of the dating game, the side that is allowed to pick and choose offers. It can indeed be very frustrating for a man who is always expected to make a move; rather unfair that all the risks lay with you isn’t it. Now if only society would demolish stereotypes, but that’s not likely any time soon.

Click here to download guy gets girl ebook!

But there presents a solution in the form of this ‘too good to miss’ book – Guy Gets Girl –that takes you step by step on how to approach women and win the best looking ones! Granted, there are several other such self-help books out there that purport to reveal everything you ever needed to know about dating and picking up your dream girl. But you know just as well as I do that these are one of those ‘me too’ books going around that enlighten you no more than you already know. So how do you know Guy Gets Girl is going to be any different?

I will tell you why. For starters, Guy Gets Girl is one of a kind because it comes from the horse’s mouth – it’s written by a woman no less! Tiffany Taylor, author of Guy Gets Girl, tells you why some men flounder, while others seem to keep the best women for themselves and are successful over and over again. Turns out the key to the problem is not in the man itself. Rather, it lies in comprehending your love interest’s needs and emotional state before making a move. Let’s face it. Most of us men are hard pressed to figure out what it is that goes on in a woman’s mind. Wouldn’t it be a godsend if we could deduce what your lady was thinking? This double guessing can indeed be very exasperating; this is where Tiffany Taylor helps you. And the techniques explained would work irrespective of whether you wish to pick up a cheerful coed or the proper single woman.

Guy Gets Girl exposes some of the best ways to asking for a date, no matter how hot the lady, and it gives you the extra edge to pick and choose your woman. And it truly shatters some of the myths. Guy Gets Girl is a true walk through of simple yet proven strategies that any man could do with. The guide presents insightful tips on the how to strike up an interesting conversation even with a total stranger. Guy Gets Girl teaches you to read and be aware of a woman’s body language, which can play a significant role in your move being rejected.

Tiffany also goes to the extent of providing specific places to head out to on a date that will guarantee future dates, as also information on the best places to find interesting women. Guy Gets Girl also includes tips on how to emerge out of your shyness and make an advance with poise. Best of all Tiffany does not talk down to the ‘unattractive’ men; instead she provides constructive tips and tricks to get better looking girls for even the ‘ordinary guy next-door’ types.

Purchasing Guy Gets Girl is a real simple download process, so you could be reading everything you ever wanted to know about dating in just minutes from now. And as if this were not enough, the guide comes with a complete money back guarantee, so you can always ask for a reimbursement if it fails to meet expectations. So you have nothing to lose but everything to gain with Guy Gets Girl – a must buy for every ardent dater!

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Ginny Fairham
About the Author:

Learn how To Approach Any Woman, Anywhere And Know Exactly What To Say To Get Her To Give You Her Number And Go On A Date With You. Guy Gets Girl Review Guy Gets Girl™ Is The 1st And only Step-By-Simple-Step – Pickup, Dating And Seduction Guide On The Internet Written For Men…By A Woman! Download Guy Gets Girl!


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How many calories in a girl guide cookie ?
I like one married girl n i dont know how get over it plzzz guys i need your help
What are the signs that a guy likes a girl?

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How the Shy Guy Gets Girl

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Ginny Fairhaml
Aug 28, 2009
lViews: 352

“Guy Gets Girl” by Tiffany Taylor – A Boon For Shy Guys

Guy Gets Girl is one of the better dating manuals on the net today. It is replete with brilliant and insightful advise. This is unsurprising since Guy Gets Girl is written by a woman. Moreover, Tiffany Taylor…

whats the name of the movie in which a girl/guy gets kidnapped by her friends as a joke?

Question by Damaris Mendez: whats the name of the movie in which a girl/guy gets kidnapped by her friends as a joke?
the girl/or guy gets kidnapped by his/her friends and is put in the trunk as a joke because the friends are trying to surprise her/him for their birthday. and when they open the trunk she/he is dead because she/he swallowed the eight ball that they had put in her/his mouth.

Best answer:

Answer by Adam C

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