American Foursquare, 1890-1930

American Foursquare, 1890-1930
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General Characteristics of the Foursquare:

Boxy Shape: The house is nearly a cube, often slightly deeper than wide to better fit city lots, with two full storeys and an attic with large dormers.

Hipped Roof: Exceptions exist, but most Four Squares feature a hipped or pyramidal roof with wide overhangs on all sides. Rafter ends are typically exposed.

Wide Front Porch: Of the type architects call a "piazza" that extends the full width of the house, but rarely wraps to either side.

Large Windows: Grouped windows became popular with this style, admitting plenty of light. Usually double-hung with single large panes in the bottom sash and vertical divided panes in the upper.

Minimalist Style: There are Four Squares with art glass, bays, and tiled roofs, but in general the “style” of the house is subtly announced in the use of simplified motifs.

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