Divorced women Do you feel you are held to a higher standard?

Question by imdpo: Divorced women Do you feel you are held to a higher standard?
If you have been divorced for a period of time do you ever feel like you are expected to be super human?
Like if a widow were in the same difficult situation people would fall over themselves to help her out, but because you are divorced you are just supposed to suck it up.

Do you ever feel like the men you are dating are just looking for a woman to take care of them?

Best answer:

Answer by Danny
I’m not divorced, my Mom will be soon though.

But when she became a widow in 1994 it’s like you said. People would trip over one another just to help her out. She got remarried in 1995 and she is getting divorced now, and it’s like people don’t even think that being divorced is a big deal, that she isn’t hurting inside, that she might actually need some help and someone to console her.

I can’t say about the men and dating thing yet, she hasn’t started to date yet, as the divorce hasn’t happened yet. Just the separation.


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Insider Online Dating Secret : Let Her FEEL You Seeing Her

Insider Online Dating Secret : Let Her FEEL You Seeing Her

Insider Online Dating Secret : Let Her FEEL You Seeing Her

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Home Page > Relationships > Dating > Insider Online Dating Secret : Let Her FEEL You Seeing Her

Insider Online Dating Secret : Let Her FEEL You Seeing Her

Posted: Dec 22, 2010 |Comments: 0


Both men and women make a terrible mistake — in dating and when they get into a relationship.

It’s essentially a “marketing” mistake.

A bad marketer focuses on the features of his product — the “rich corinthian leather,” the stitching, the rivets, the paint.

A good marketer focuses on the needs, wants and aspirations of the customer:  for example, what assertive man of means doesn’t want “the ultimate driving machine”?

The same is true with dating.

And your online dating profile is the perfect lab for you to learn to switch from common and boring “feature listing” to “dazzling marketing” — in this case — by reaching into the mind of the “customer” (the prospective reader/date) — and igniting her passion by employing the powerful element of her “being seen.”  And I mean truly being seen — by you.

Here’s the bottom line:  we all want to be “seen.” Men want to be recognized as heroes.  As worthy. As leaders.  As admirable.  Women want to be seen as bringers of beauty and grace, wisdom and intuition.  They want to be “adored.” You can start this dance before ever meeting her… Here is how you take a simple — and boring –list of attributes and turn it into a song that awakens deep “adored” self-recognition in a woman reading your profile. (It’s what I mean — and I do MEAN it — that when you construct a profile the DAO way, they already WANT you before you meet.  The work is largely done before you meet.)

Let’s start here…

When I work with you on your profile, I always ask, “describe the woman you’re looking for.” In one case, a man looking for marriage listed the usual things — “kind, a good heart, playful, spiritual, outdoorsy, friendly.”  If I were a woman and I read that list, I would skip over it and move on to the next guy. However — let’s recontexualize this list not as a mere rundown of her imagined attributes, but as reflected in your eyes.  You are watching her.


Here’s the rewrite (and remember, this example isn’t for random dating, it’s for a partner)…


“I am inspired by your natural affection for people, your warmth, your deep heart, yourimpish playfulness.  There is something spiritual about the way you connect, not only with me, but with others, with the natural world, and with your own wisdom.  There is an irresistible beauty in that.”


This is no mere list: you are already appreciating, even adoring her.  Note what we did: a man, who she doesn’t even know yet, is inspired by her — for just being her. He sees the way she connects with people and the world — notices that she’s not just affectionate but “naturally” so – and by doing this we are summoning the women who see themselves that way.  They know they are not false or putting on a show — and now, here’s this man — you — who sees that in her. You see her core beauty: she is naturally affectionate.

Most men just see her boobs.

Also, we take take “playful” and make it “impish’ – which is a bit child-like and cute — establishing your authority adoring her rather than a gawking schoolboy lusting upward at her. And finally — I connected her mere “outdoorsiness” and “friendliness”  to her WISDOM and her BEAUTY.

If you’ve read Deep Attraction Online, you know to connect her outer beauty to her inner beauty. (By the way, notice how I threw in her ability to connect with me — a subtle kind of a challenge — if she really is the wise, naturally affectionate person – she will subconsciously want to prove that to me in her letter to me and when we meet.  That’s called getting off on the right foot.  Or calf.  Or thigh. Or…)

These quick contextualizations, placing the beauty and depth of the woman you seek squarely in your adoring gaze leads to the kinds of letters I want you to get daily. Like this one I recently received…

“I read your profile—and I must say, I felt you were speaking to me – or about me. Like you, I am authentic, loving, and kind. What stands out to me the most is how I feel your “deepness” it’s amazing how few of us there are out there. And, I agree, if you dream big and expect big — big realized dreams is what you get   🙂   … You are a kindred spirit. Hope to hear from you.”

– Krista


So — today’s message:

1. Read Deep Attraction Online.

2. Think from her point of view, what would the woman you dream of feel like as you gazed upon her across the room?

3. I may do a live class next week where I will give more examples of how to turn boring into dazzling — and a profile into an irresistible invitation.  If you’d like me to do that, comment below and tell me what you want to learn most — and I’ll put together a webinar that gives you what you most want and need.

This is fun.
Do you want to discover some more great and effective online dating tips? If yes, then I suggest you download a copy of the 7 Secrets To Building Deep Attraction Online guide.

Click here ==> 7 Secrets To Building Deep Attraction Online Review, to read more about this guide.

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Frank N. Fru
About the Author:

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Bachelor’s Best Magazine — 1968..No7 053 — Women …..item1..My Husband’s Porn Addiction — I feel like I have been stabbed in the heart.

Bachelor’s Best Magazine — 1968..No7 053 — Women …..item1..My Husband’s Porn Addiction — I feel like I have been stabbed in the heart.
best dating websites
Image by marsmet542
I don’t know what to do now. I feel like I have been stabbed in the heart. I can’t trust him, I can’t speak to him, I don’t know what to do. Please help me move forward. Is there any hope for our marriage, because right now I don’t see a future.

…..item 1)…..aish.com…Dear Emuna: My Husband’s Porn Addiction…I feel like I have been stabbed in the heart. I can’t trust him and I don’t know what to do.

by Emuna Braverman

August 21, 2011 / 21 Av 5771


Dear Emuna,

I recently discovered some inappropriate sites on my husband’s smart phone. I might have looked passed it had it been a one-time distraction, but I felt insecure and I looked at the history on his phone. He had been visiting this site for quite some time and these images must now be imbedded in his head. I am unable to look at him the same way as before.

I confronted him on the issue. He began with denial, but after I told him of my solid proof he could no longer deny it. He became embarrassed, upset and angry, telling me that I am too sensitive. He comes from a less than nice background, involving numerous women and drugs, and I think they are creeping slowing into our marriage. He tried using the defense of the incredibly difficult time men have with this drive and he expressed that he is embarrassed and is trying to fix it.

I don’t know what to do now. I feel like I have been stabbed in the heart. I can’t trust him, I can’t speak to him, I don’t know what to do. Please help me move forward. Is there any hope for our marriage, because right now I don’t see a future.

— Despairing

Dear Despairing,

Don’t! There is definitely hope, lots of hope – as long as your husband is sincerely trying to address and change the situation. I’m not in any way trying to diminish this (I know it’s different than forgetting an anniversary) but everyone makes mistakes. The key to a successful marriage – and a successful life for that matter – is not never erring. It’s how you cope with the mistake. It’s acknowledging the flaw. It’s making a real and sincere effort to change.

Since I don’t know your husband, I can’t comment on the impact of his background but, unfortunately, the easy access to these images has led many men, even with more pristine backgrounds, to stumble.
Let’s give your husband the benefit of the doubt and assume that his initial response of blaming it on the power of his physical desire was just a knee-jerk defensive reaction. Yes, all men have strong drives – but the truth is that truly being a man frequently means NOT acting on them.

It as nothing to do with your desirability or attractiveness. It’s part of the hardwiring of men and it must be controlled.

Perhaps he was trying to suggest that it wasn’t personal. He’s right about that. Pay attention here. Hard as it is to swallow, it as nothing to do with your desirability or attractiveness. This is a crucial point to recognize. It is part of the hardwiring of men and it must be controlled. That’s why the Torah imposes so many safeguards on the relationships between men and women. That’s why there are so many fences and such limited contact. That’s which the beach in LA is not a good summertime activity. It’s not about you or your physical appeal. It’s not about his caring for you or his commitment to you. But it is a problem.

And if he is sincere about trying to fix it, he can’t do it by himself. He needs to see a therapist who specializes in these kinds of issues. He cannot do it alone. Note the repetition. I do believe that the seriousness of the effort is evidenced by the willingness to seek help. Yes, he’s humiliated and embarrassed. But this issue must be addressed – for his own sake and for the sake of your marriage.
Because this problem is extremely common, there are many resources available to deal with it. Do the research in your community to find a competent therapist and other support systems. There is also the website Guard Your Eyes which has helped a number of people.

Issues like this don’t disappear overnight. You may have a long haul ahead. You may need to derive strength from your strong sense of the commitment you made under the chupah – to the marriage and to this person. But there is definitely hope. As long as you are both ready to do the heavy lifting.

— Emuna

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Dear Emuna,

My wife and I have been together intimately only a few times in the last couple of years. She says I need to go to counseling. Her list is endless; she is always correcting me in some way. She can be pretty cruel with her words and then act like nothing happened. I do try to be the best I can. I’m not sure what I’m missing. We have been married 33 years have two grown children and five grandkids. She also corrects them constantly. Not sure how much more I can take. Any advice?

33 Long Years

Dear Mr. Patience,

You don’t specify that connection between your infrequent intimacy and your wife’s constant criticism but I suspect that is what you are saying. Her frequent attacks on you impact your ability to get close to her – in all respects. That is certainly painful. But 33 years is a long time to throw away and my guess is that your wife has no idea how desperate you feel. She is so used to that way of being that she has lost touch with the damage it does to all her relationships.

I think your best bet is to try to talk to her – in a loving way, when you’re not feeling frustrated or angry or hurt. See if you can access those feelings of caring you have for her and communicate out of that place of depth and emotion.

“I love you.” “I value our relationship.” “Our family is important to me.” And “It hurts me when you speak to me like that.” “I think it’s painful for the children when you criticize them.” “I’m doing my best to change; please help me with positive comments instead of negative ones.”

I hope this will help. You’ve allowed it to exist for a long time. But I believe your wife doesn’t realize the depth of your frustration or the potential horrific consequences. You need to give her that information and a chance to change and make amends. You owe her that much after 33 years.

— Emuna
…..item 2)…..aish.com…..X-Rated…..My addiction to pornography. A cautionary true story…

by Seth

Reader discretion is advised


Reader discretion is advised.

I first encountered pornography in the back of a convenience store when I was 11 years old. Separated from the rest of the store was an "Adults Only" section with no one in it. I could browse with ease. At first the pictures were simply interesting. I’d never seen anything like it. I remember asking my younger sister, in all innocence, "Are those pictures real?" We both laughed…but for me it wasn’t funny. I’d think about them. I’d look for every opportunity to slip in and browse for more material to fuel my imagination. I began to fantasize.

The store made the adult section smaller and eventually it disappeared. But the seeds had been planted.

I went to away to a boarding school for high school and devoted myself to studying. I had always been a good student and quickly rose to the top 10% of the class. Then in 11th grade, I discovered masturbation and my inner world began to take shape. I began writing stories to fuel my fantasies. One night, desperate to get to the "next level" and buy a magazine, I borrowed a friend’s bike and rode to a convenience store that sold pornography. But I was only 17, just a few months shy of the "legal" age and came back empty handed.

My birthday soon arrived and I got to the next level. After a while, this too became old and unexciting, so I overcame my natural shame and reticence and entered a full fledged adult bookstore for the first time. I began stocking up on back issues of magazines that were sold at deep discounts. I didn’t need much money to pursue my guilty pleasures. Porn provided a way to escape the pain I was experiencing in day-to-day life, and it made me feel good, at least temporarily.

I did feel guilty about what I was doing, but the message from popular culture was that this is not only common, it is to be expected. It’s a normal part of becoming an adult. It’s just a temporary stage; once you get married you’ll have an outlet, you’ll grow up and move on.

My double life did not magically merge into one wholesome existence. I had a deep, dark secret.

Indeed, life moved on. I continued my education after high school, spent some time in Israel and earned a bachelors degree. I got married and began raising a family. I worked pretty hard; life was good, but my double life did not magically merge into one wholesome existence. I had a deep, dark secret. At this point, it felt dirty no matter what the world said. Although I confided in my wife while we were dating, I’d told her that I no longer indulged and considered it behind me. So she knew nothing of the ongoing nature of the problem. In fact, I did manage to stay "clean" for the first few years of marriage, but the emergence of the internet and the ease of access soon became too hard to ignore and I fell back into my old habits.

I quickly got hooked again and couldn’t quit. It didn’t take long for my addiction to escalate. Although I did not "graduate" to more extreme types of activities, the frequency and degree of temptation increased. Sights that would not even register with someone who never viewed pornography became triggers and demanded release.

Eventually I began to feel numb and desensitized, which lead to feelings of desperation to feel the same arousal again. Like any drug, you need to constantly increase the dose and lower the bar to get that fix. Each time you act out, the so-called pleasure diminishes and the pain grows, along with the need. Over time, you become extremely sensitive to the slightest hint of your "drug" while at the same time the dose needed to satisfy the urge grows, leading to an ever widening chasm that cannot possibly be filled, and eventually to constant pain and near obsession.

The obsession created a chasm between my inside and outside personas. Outside, I was a successful family man living in a nice Jewish community and happily married. Inside, it was all about lust, focusing on the next "fix." I began to identify less with my peers since I didn’t really inhabit the same universe as them. I wasn’t getting as much satisfaction from my job or other pursuits. Lust was the primary thing making me feel alive. Thus the chasm affected not only my ability to form and maintain healthy relationships, it spilled over into other areas of life as well.

I knew I couldn’t reconcile this with my chosen lifestyle. It didn’t feel normal, no matter what the message on the billboard would have me believe. I tried to stop but eventually fell again. I was at an impasse — determined to quit but unable to do so.

Long before you self-destruct on the outside, you’ve died on the inside.

The guilt and self-loathing were becoming overwhelming. You watch all your dreams and aspirations crumble by your own hand. Long before you self-destruct on the outside, you’ve died on the inside.

At the Precipice

Thankfully, I recognized that I was on that downward spiral, heading toward self-destruction. The person I was on the inside felt less than human.

One day, while perusing a Jewish news site, I found a banner ad aimed right in my direction — "Guard Your Eyes," a new site for Jews struggling with the challenge of pornography. There were a few stories, discussions of the problem and its prevalence in modern society. I felt like a weight had been lifted off my chest; my secret was hidden no more. I read every word and found links to other similar sites, and read some more. It was both liberating and extremely stressful at the same time. While living a double life, I had successfully managed to ignore the ugly part and compartmentalize. Now I was being challenged to confront reality head on. There was a way out and I was determined to take it.

The goal was clear — I needed to stop living in my head. Satisfaction and fulfillment would have to come from real activities and pursuits that took place in the outside world, among real people. Step one was accountability. I needed to reveal my secret to another human being and close the gap that divided the good from the bad. I had to become one person who had a problem to confront.

I contacted the site administrator and established a daily check in with another member via e-mail. I spoke to a therapist and my rabbi. Both committed to help me. It quickly became clear that if I was going to tackle this and heal, I had to tell my wife. After agonizing for several days, I did. Understandably, she did not react very well and left the house. While waiting for her to come back I experienced the most excruciating emotional pain I have ever experienced in my life. In hindsight, the depth of the pain was the biggest blessing I was given throughout this struggle, since my wish to avoid a repeat is by far the strongest motivation I have to stay clean. I never want to go through that again.

Face the Consequences

Although the secret was out, years of living in another world create habits of thought that do not vanish as soon as they’re revealed. The techniques that help me in my recovery are of two basic types. The first are practical ways to stop acting out.

One way was to write a detailed list of the consequences of not stopping, including experiencing deep emotional pain, losing everything worthwhile in my life (my wife and children, my job and the respect of colleagues and peers), failing at the goals I set for myself, shame at giving in to a destructive force against my will, and losing my connection to fulfilling higher pursuits and ideals.

Resisting at the critical moment is all it takes — after that, the urge subsides.

No less important is the list of the rewards of stopping: I will thrive. I will earn and keep the respect and companionship of my wife, the best life partner I could ever ask for. I will be emotionally healthy and experience contentment and happiness every day of my life. I will enjoy the pleasures of the world the way they were intended to be enjoyed, with no painful aftertaste. I will raise happy and healthy children and maintain close and loving relationships with them and their children as well. And I will have the freedom to pursue and the tools to attain goals that were beyond my reach until now.

Another way is to think of all the scenarios that prompted the urge to act out in the past and avoid putting myself in those positions, keeping myself occupied with positive and productive activities instead. For example, if browsing the internet got me into trouble, install failsafe filters to which I don’t have the password. Call or e-mail my accountability partner when the urge to act out strengthens. Resisting at the critical moment is all it takes — after that, the urge subsides. Set manageable goals. Don’t think about stopping "for the rest of your life," rather think about stopping just for today.

Getting to the Root of the Problem

The second part of recovery consists of actively pursuing positive goals. Nature abhors a vacuum. Although ultimately porn brings pain, for so long it had provided a degree of counterfeit pleasure and relief from the trials of life. The trials haven’t gone away but the method of living with them, acting out through porn, is being taken away, leaving a vacuum. This needs to be filled or sooner or later the urge to go back to former habits will become overwhelming.

The way to fill the hole is unique to each person and depends on their individual makeup and what makes them tick. As described above, porn splits a person into two, turning the internal person into one who is focused solely on lust. True self awareness has never been developed and therefore the knowledge of what makes you tick and what activities to pursue to bring true fulfillment is missing. There is no internal structure, but there needs to be! Thus the first step is to become self aware.

Therapy is a good way to get started. Slowly you find out how to recognize your own feelings and evaluate what causes them. You can then evaluate whether they make sense and what to do about them. For example, say you are now able to identify when you feel stressed. In the past, the feelings were not identified however the stress was all too real, prompting the urge to alleviate it by acting out. Now that you’re aware, you can evaluate the cause. You may realize, "I feel stressed because I didn’t close the deal." Once the cause is identified, you can determine whether it’s justified. "Do I have to close every deal? I closed three deals already this week — that’s pretty good!" This recognition brings relief and the stress goes away.

But let’s say the stress is indeed justified. "I feel stressed because I said something hurtful to a friend that was unwarranted." Now you can either apologize and ask for forgiveness, or at the very least resolve to be more careful in the future. Again, the decision brings relief and the stress dissipates.

Once the internal structure is in place, real building can begin. You’re finally ready to identify what makes you tick. What’s important to you and what isn’t? What are your true values, and what are your goals to achieve them? New thought patterns can be established and a life of growth and true fulfillment can begin. As I began working on this, it was painfully obvious that living a life focused solely on my own immediate pleasure did not bring lasting satisfaction.

Becoming clean enabled me to reclaim the inner depth and connection that intimacy can bring.

My view of intimacy has also deepened. Physical intimacy is a gift from the Almighty. It is powerful way I can give to my wife, the woman I am committed to and love most in the world. Porn takes this potentially spiritual act of love and profanes it by reducing it to a selfish mechanism to fulfill one’s animalistic drives. Becoming clean enabled me to reclaim the inner depth and connection that intimacy can bring, using it to express my soul drive as opposed to my baser, lower side.

I am also blessed to have a true life partner in my wife. After the initial shock and pain, with time and effort she was able to not only forgive and understand but truly support my progress in recovery. Our relationship is deeper and richer as a result.

I realize my experience is extreme, but there is a good reason why porn is a multi-billion dollar industry — there are many suffering from this addiction. And any amount is bad news. Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski, an expert in therapy addictions, says for some all it takes is one viewing of pornography to get hooked. Porn distances you from your inner soul; it lowers yourself and reduces women to objects. Take it from me, you’re playing with fire.

Porn is all sizzle, no meat. Like all counterfeit pleasures, it leaves you feeling empty and hollow, devoid of meaning. Real pleasure carries no shame; it’s uplifting and life affirming. This most powerful physical pleasure has the potential to build and destroy. Choose wisely.

Why do so many American Women feel it’s okay to just have children by different men and be single?

Question by J: Why do so many American Women feel it’s okay to just have children by different men and be single?
It’s just normal nowadays that American Women are single and have children by different men. Why can’t they get married or be in a committed relationship before they have kids? Why don’t they think about their children’s future? If they can’t do that, then just be alone.

Best answer:

Answer by Brian
I agree 100%. Sadly, the media and America’s pop cultural icons/celebrities make it look cool and hip to have a ton of kids by different men without thinking about the possible consequences and hardships that can result from it.

Although I will also say that men also have a responsibilty as well.

Notice how as this issue situation is growing, kids in public schools are becoming more unruly and crime in our society is increasing.

Give your answer to this question below!

How do you feel about internet dating?

Question by raygob: How do you feel about internet dating?
Just want to know how everyone feels about meeting someone online then meeting in person and start dating. Also long distance internet relationships. Just curious to see the feedback thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by Dylon S
it seems like a kewl idea

What do you think? Answer below!

How do you feel about craigslist dating service?

Question by Paul: How do you feel about craigslist dating service?
How do you guys feel about craigslist dating service???have you ever tried it???how was your experience?

Personally i would never,,but we are debating here at work..so seeking more opinions.

Best answer:

Answer by Bauer
disgusting!! get a real relationship!!

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

That man back there is staring at me. I can just feel it …

That man back there is staring at me. I can just feel it …
single men in new york
Image by Ed Yourdon
Note: this photo was published in an Apr 24, 2011 Everyblock NYC zipcodes blog titled "10023."


This is a continuation of Flickr sets that I created in 2010 (shown here), 2009 (shown here), and 2008 (shown here) — which, collectively, illustrate a variety of scenes and people in the small "pocket park" known as Verdi Square, located at 72nd Street and Broadway in New York City’s Upper West Side, right by the 72nd St. IRT subway station.

I typically visit a local gym once or twice a week, and I get there by taking the downtown IRT express from my home (at 96th Street) down to the 72nd Street stop. Whenever possible, I try to schedule an extra 30-60 minutes to sit quietly on one of the park benches, and just watch the flow of people coming in and out of the park — sometimes just passing through, to get from 72nd Street up to 73rd Street, but mostly entering or exiting the subway station.

You see all kinds of people here: students, bums, tourists, office workers, homeless people, retired people, babysitters, children, soldiers, sanitation workers, lovers, friends, dogs, cats, pigeons, and a few things that simply defy description. Sometimes you see the same people over and over again; sometimes they follow a regular pattern at a particular time of the day.

If I focus on the people entering the park at 73rd Street, and walking southwards toward the subway entrance, I typically have five or ten seconds to (a) decide if they’re sufficiently interesting to bother photographing,(b) wait for them to get in a position where I can get a clear shot of them, and (c) focus my camera on them and take several shots, in the hope that at least one or two of them will be well-focused and really interesting.

While you might get the impression that I photograph every single person who moves through this park, it’s actually just the opposite: the vast majority of people that I see here are just not all that interesting. (It’s not that they’re ugly, it’s just that there’s nothing interesting, memorable, or distinctive about them.) Even so, I might well take, say, 200 shots in the space of an hour. But some of them are repetitive or redundant, and others are blurred or out-of-focus, or technically defective in some other way. Of the ones that survive this kind of scrutiny, many turn out to be well-focused, nicely-composed, but … well … just "okay". I’ll keep them on my computer, just in case, but I don’t bother uploading them.

Typically, only about 5-10% of the photos I’ve taken get uploaded to Flickr — e.g., about 10 photos from a one-hour session in which a thousand, or more, people have walked past me. There are some exceptions to this rule of thumb, as was the case with this particular set — but nevertheless, what you’re seeing it is indeed only a tiny, tiny subset of the "real" street scene in New York City. On the other hand, it is reassuring to see that there are at least a few "interesting" people in a city that often has a reputation of being mean, cold, and heartless…

How do you feel about your divorce, and what advice would you give?

Question by mom of 2: How do you feel about your divorce, and what advice would you give?
For example, is there anything you wish you had done differently at all?

Best answer:

Answer by broker472000
I wish I had hunted him and his play toy down and beat both their a@@@..Regret that. .threw 20 years of marriage down the toliet..I wish I had set his new car on fire..there I feel better…

What do you think? Answer below!

How do you feel about online dating websites?

Question by Justice♥: How do you feel about online dating websites?
I believe that online dating websites are for people who desperate and people who need lives. Agree or Disagree!

Best answer:

Answer by Erica H
wow your rude. sometimes thats the only way people have time to meet people. what does it matter to you anyways? its not personally affecting you….

What do you think? Answer below!