Why Join Planet Love Match®? Expand Your Horizons™

www.planetlovematch.com Planet Love Match empowers users with the most immersive communication tools, a flexible pay-as-you-date model (no monthly membership) and the most responsive customer service in the industry. Planet Love Match is a powerful new communication platform that empowers you by enabling you to narrow your focus to a very small niche of other like-minded singles, from a wide range of cultures and ethnicities. But more importantly, Planet Love Match allows you to eliminate incompatible members and allows you to connect with only those few qualified individuals that are your best possible matches… No matter where they are! Planet Love Match is simplifying the process of finding the right match. Not only will you be able to find the people that you are most compatible with, but you will find them faster and no matter where they are. Singles are used to sites that hope to lose them during the search and are designed to serve their own commercial interests. Membership to Planet Love Match is by invitation only.