Dolores Maggiore, LCSW Therapy and Counseling in Southwest Portland I work to help strengthen the positive experience of your relationships. Together we explore your feelings and examine what may be keeping you stuck in some aspects of your life. I see young, old, straight, gay/queer, of all genders, cultures, abilities and capacities. I experience us all grappling with the same needs: to feel connection and security, to allow ourselves and others to honor the vulnerability and strengths, the dependency and the autonomy necessary in our relationships. I work to help strengthen the positive in clients’ relationships through an exploration of feelings and issues which may be keeping clients stuck in uncomfortable positions. • Children/adolescents in school and home-related issues: attachment, blended and adoptive families, divorce, identity, sexual and gender issues, learning issues, parenting. • Cross-cultural, minority, GLBTQQ •Depression, anxiety, transitions, grief, abuse • Relationships •Play Therapy/DBT/EMDR-level 1 .- Certified Gottman Educator – Bringing Baby Home: couples transitioning to parenthood and attunement training; Couples counseling: Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (Sue Johnson externship), Gottman, Imago. Populations Served: Adolescent 12-19, Adolescent 15-19, Adults, Child 0-4, Child 5-11, Gay, Lesbian, Spanish Speaking Office Settings: Private Practice (solo) Specialty Training: EMDR Imago Couples Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy Extern (Susan Johnson) Gottman (couples
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The Couple, Introduction to Counseling and Therapy Video Series

The introduction to counseling and psychotherapy video series helps beginning psychology students understand this complex process. Students are able to see the session unfold in a step by step fashion that allows them to view what the client and therapist are thinking as well as what techniques are currently being used. This video series marks an innovative new step in the training and education of aspiring therapists. In this episode, a male/female couple comes to discuss their marriage problems and recent infidelity. These videos are with student volunteers as clients, not actual clients. This is a Dramatization for Educational Purposes only and do not necessary reflect the actual skills of the therapist. (more)
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loneliness after divorce depression counseling advice Carolyn Ellis Looking for divorce advice on depression and loneliness after divorce? Need tips on co-parenting, resolving bitterness, knowing when to date again? Award winning Author, Coach Carolyn Ellis will help you thrive after divorce.

Why Easy Marriage Counseling Rocks! Marriage Counseling Online. Is online marriage counseling effective? Can this form of relationship counseling and couples counseling actually provide marriage advice you can truly use to have a happy marriage? Famous family therapist Dr. Max Vogt provides best marriage therapy solutions in this video addressing various counseling services.

Dr. Joseph Abraham’s Online Relationship Advice Counseling Method

Dr. Joseph Abraham developed the ‘Relationship Advice service’ using a webcom or telephone for counseling. This is an alternative to traditional ‘Psychological Counseling’, ‘Marriage Counseling’ and ‘Professional Counseling’ methods; it is effective enough to address many RELATIONSHIP issues within your intra-personal and inter-personal worlds: career, marriage, family and social circles.
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Where can I get free counseling online or the phone?

Question by jennanicole49: Where can I get free counseling online or the phone?
I’m having a really tough time dealing with a break up. We were together 4 years and I let the relationship take a huge role in my life that I lost contact with alot of friends and distanced myself. I feel alone and really could use alittle advice from someone who isn’t biased.

Best answer:

Answer by Michael C
I’d be more than happy to talk to you if you want to email me or something.

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Are there any free online counseling websites?

Question by CMDS: Are there any free online counseling websites?
I am in a bit of a predicament, I am in England staying with my mother for the summer because I got into a bit of trouble. However, I have a lot of issues with my family and other relationships but my mother said that she won’t pay for counseling. I also have limited transportation. I am going nuts. I need someone to talk to, but I don’t have anyone. My family isn’t interested in me and just thinks I am bad or sick or something. So, does anyone know if there is a way to get some form (however limited) of counseling via the web for free?

Best answer:

Answer by Tyler
Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find any online counseling services that are free (this isn’t the first time I’ve looked). Your best bet may be talking about things with a trusted friend, though since you said you didn’t have anyone that could be a challenge.

I’m sorry to hear about your situation, and if there’s anything I can do feel free to contact me through my profile.

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Free Online Marriage and Family Counseling Get the 21 daily tips that will turn your relationship into the heaven you’ve always dreamed of. Its free – just visit More Tags marriage counseling marriage counselling christian marriage counseling marriage family counseling free marriage counseling marriage…, This video does not belong to sexybitchworkout.

Anyone know of free online counseling services?

Question by Jenn: Anyone know of free online counseling services?
Currently having relationship issues due to personal issues from my past. I don’t have insurance and I need to get help.

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Answer by Janeee
I know this site has a real therapist on the forums and that’s free try

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