Are any girls at Gottlieb fitness center available?

Question by Phil J: Are any girls at Gottlieb fitness center available?
I go to the fitness center that is a part of Gottlieb in melrose park, and from time to time I see some really pretty girls, that I’d like to talk to, but you never know if they are available. What would be a good indication that a girl at the gym is single and would be welcome to talk?

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Answer by neoplop
How is this related to dentistry?

Other than checking for a wedding band, your only option is to strike up a conversation and see where that leads you…

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Image of a service at Bet Giorgis in Lalibela, Ethiopia available on Aluka ( taken by Dr. Heinz Ruther

Image of a service at Bet Giorgis in Lalibela, Ethiopia available on Aluka ( taken by Dr. Heinz Ruther
christian dating service
Image by Aluka Digital Library
Lalibela, Ehtiopia picture taken by Dr. Heinz Ruther available on Aluka Digital Library at…

Department of Geomatics, University of Cape Town
Collection The Heinz Rüther Collection
Author Ruther, Heinz; Held, Christoph; Neeser, Rudolph; Schroeder, Ralph
Date 2005
Resource type Photographs
Topic Architecture, Site Preservation & Conservation, Material Culture, Site Today, Peoples, Tangible Heritage, Heritage Management, Natural Landscape, Settlement & Land Use
Coverage (spatial) Ethiopia, Lalibela, Beta Giyorgis, outside
Source Department of Geomatics, University of Cape Town
Rights University of Cape Town
Position Latitude: 12 dg 02 min 00 secs Longitude: 39 dg 02 min 25 secs (WGS84)

Free Online Dating Service Now Available – Who Needs Cupid


Free Online Dating Service Now Available – Who Needs Cupid

Who Needs Cupid

Virginia Beach, VA (PRWEB) March 10, 2009

Who Needs Cupid (] is a brand new and completely free online dating service. They recently opened their doors and are now accepting member signups for anyone seeking a special someone in their life.

Unlike many other online dating services, Who Needs Cupid is absolutely free. This provides a great alternative for single folks that don’t want to pay expensive monthly fees for finding their special someone.

Who Needs Cupid makes it easy to connect single men and single women in an environment where serious singles can flirt, date, fall in love, and create meaningful long lasting relationships. Some features offered by Who Needs Cupid include matches sent to your email, local personal ads, advanced search options, and much more! Signing up is a breeze and all of your information is safe and secure.

So, whether you’re seeking Christian or Catholic singles, Jewish singles, Senior dating, Black dating, or Asian dating, Who Needs Cupid provides you the tools to potentially find a date and hopefully a very meaningful relationship. Love could be just a click away!



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Free Marriage Counseling “Help Guide” Now Available from FMC Directory


Free Marriage Counseling “Help Guide” Now Available from FMC Directory

New Orleans, LA (PRWEB) June 24, 2009

The Family & Marriage Counseling Directory is now offering a free “help guide” delivered via email to anyone who wants it, and visitors can request it simply by going to

The Family & Marriage Counseling Directory (FMC Directory for short) was started in the Fall of 2003 by Chris Hartwell, MSW, with the purpose of making it easier for people to find therapists in the US through major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. At the time, very few websites for therapists were showing up for popular searches like “marriage counseling,” “family counseling,” “couples counseling,” and more. This is where The Family & Marriage Counseling Directory filled its niche and accomplished the task it set out to – “within months we were at the top of Google’s search results for ‘marriage counseling’ and we’ve stayed there ever since,” says Chris. “We’ve become one of the most popular sites on the web for people to locate a therapist nearby, and we’ve been doing it for over 5 years straight now.”

The “Help Guide” available through is a natural complement to the other helpful resources for people looking for marriage advice. “First and foremost,” states Chris, “our goal is to get those looking for help connected to licensed therapists. I realize that not everyone’s ready for therapy when they initially find us though, and that’s the main reason we offer the different self-help products and articles that are available through our website.”

The Help Guide was created with two main purposes:

1. To give visitors a list of the most respected resources available for couples in crisis. This is sent in an email and as a PDF attachment once the visitor confirms their email address. It contains a list of directories provided by professional licensing bodies, self-help programs, as well as social media sites for support.

2. To give visitors some of the best marriage advice submitted to our website from professional counselors and therapists over the years in an easy to follow format. After the visitor requests the Help Guide, they will receive a new article each week that was written to help couples in crisis. The series alternates between articles written by professional therapists, and “Self Help Spotlights” that cover some of the unique self help programs available for marriages.

Visitors who sign up for the “Help Guide” get it free of charge and can unsubscribe at any time. Since the guide was started a few months ago, there are already over 250 visitors who have requested it and benefit from remaining on the list.

The information is very helpful and can serve a number of different purposes:

    The Help Guide can be reprinted and distributed by healthcare agencies and professionals as long as proper attribution is kept intact so that people know where it came from, and so that any links in digital copies are accurate and take visitors to the appropriate website.
    The information can be used by individuals to find practitioners and resources they are seeking, and individuals can gain helpful insight from the articles written by professional therapists.
    Professional therapists can submit articles to The Family & Marriage Counseling Directory in order to add to the available information and possibly have their work published through the list along with proper credit given to the author.
Chris goes on to say, “We’ve had over a half million unique visitors in the past year come to our website looking for help, and this Help Guide we’ve created is just another way to reach out to them. Best of all, we know that it if they haven’t seen a therapist yet for marriage counseling, or done some type of self-help program, that when they decide to, they’ll know where to turn. Counseling is a powerful tool for helping us create change in our lives.”

With the current state of our nation’s economy, the cost of marriage counseling is prohibitive for many couples, so free marriage counseling tools and advice can come in handy now more than ever before. While these resources should not be a substitute for professional help when it is needed, they can be a helpful adjunct. The FMC Directory takes extra care to ensure that these types of tools and information get put in front of those who need them. For more information, visit


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Single Parent Magazine has Launched its First Issue and it is Available Online


North Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) April 12, 2010

Single Parent Magazine has arrived and is online. Single Parent Magazine is the only international/national, magazine that focuses solely on the single parent community recently launched.

Single Parent Magazine ‘s mission is to be the premier magazine for the single parent community. Single Parent Magazine’s focus is on supplying the information that can be used as a map to navigate through the journey of single parenthood. The theme for 2010 is Domestic Violence. In the magazine’s Domestic violence series, Single Parent Magazine will be explaining what it is, what it does, how to get out, move on, what can be done to help victims, what resources are available, what are the steps to becoming financially independent, who is affected by it and how to get and stay safe. Single Parent Magazine also has a 6-month series called Single Parent Magazine’s Step by Step Guide to Getting an Education. Single Parent Magazine is going to walk you through the process of obtaining a college degree. This includes the admission process, financial aid, scholarship, grants, loans, the services available to help the single parent, how to study, along with tips and tricks to make college life easier.

Single Parent Magazine will help you find solutions to single parent challenges such as housing on college campuses, how to study when you hold a full time job and go to school full time. Single Parent Magazine will provide its readers with solutions that will allow the single parent to manage these things without neglecting the children. In every issue, Single Parent Magazine will have “If I Knew Then What I Know Now”, a column written by a single parent that as already raised their children and would like to share an experience, impart some wisdom, and/or tell readers something that they wish someone would have told them during their single parent journey. Single Parent Magazine’s family law attorneys have a monthly column designed to help with a variety of single parent issues. Single Parent Magazine will also be answering questions provided by its readers. Single Parent Magazine has the Single Parent and Single Parent Children of the month that showcases the parent and child(ren) that are making it happen. Look for Family Fun Things To Do, SPM recommends (Single Parent Magazine’s reviews of DVD’s, CD’s and books we think you will enjoy), medical information and articles designed to guide the reader through the mysteries of single parenthood.

Once again, welcome. Single Parent Magazine knows the reader will benefit from reading Single Parent Magazine is excited about creating a much needed magazine for the single parent, children of single parents and the community that supports them.

About Single Parent Magazine

Single Parent Magazine’s website is located at Follow Single Parent Magazine on Twitter at SinglePMag(at)twitter(dot)com and join Single Parent Magazine on Facebook at Single Parent Magazine’s Ning site is also available at

Single Parent Magazine

P.O. Box 335852

North Las Vegas, Nevada 89033


fax 678-281-0606


Michelle Linzy

Editorial Director


Phone Counseling Available for Relationships


New Orleans, LA (PRWEB) June 29, 2007

A popular counseling portal on the web, The Family & Marriage Counseling Directory, has just made available two networks of licensed, professional counselors and therapists who do phone counseling.

The practice of phone counseling has been around, in one form or another, since the advent of the telephone. It is useful today for people who have limited access to transportation or few therapists who practice in their area. It is also usefully for those going through intense emotional turmoil, who need to speak to a counseling professional right away.

The unique nature of the phone counseling now available is that when the consumer goes to the phone counseling page, located here:

That person can immediately see the counselors that are available for a live session. Counselors are listed by name, with a photo, and short pragraph about them or their counseling specialties. The two networks of therapists who provide the connection services are Luminent and Kasamba. They are well respected providers of online phone counseling.

The Family & Marriage Counseling Directory has been around since 2003, and is one of the top ranked counseling websites on the internet. It lists over 300 therapists, located in cities throughout the United States and Canada. It also provides counseling resources, self-help counseling alternatives, and articles written by counseling professionals from different backgrounds. The site was started Chris Hartwell, MSW, a social worker, who stays involved with the ongoing changes in the counseling fields, and maintains therapist listings.


Dead Sea Scrolls to be made available online

Dead Sea Scrolls to be made available online
In an ambitious application of 21st century technology brought to bear on a first century wonder, the Israel Antiquities Authority and internet search giant Google Tuesday announced a plan to digitize the Dead Sea Scrolls and make the entire collection available to the public online.
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Now You Can Even Google the Dead Sea Scrolls
The Israel Antiquities Authority and Google are teaming up to publish the Dead Sea Scrolls online. The approximately 1,000 scrolls, managed by the IAA, were discovered in a series of caves near the Dead Sea in the West Bank. Dating from the second and first centuries, B.C.E., these Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek documents constituted a significant trove of information on the ancient world. And of …
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Just keep winning
Coahoma Agricultural High School has an opportunity to finish the regular season on a winning note if the Tigers can take out Greenville O’Bannon tonight and defeat Strayhorn next week.
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If it were available would you get relationship counseling online?

Question by Connie C: If it were available would you get relationship counseling online?
If someone who had experience with relationships, both spouse and children and had good advice to offer would you pay a fee to get that advice online?

Best answer:

Answer by Franky girl
well if you are over 18 you should check out she can help you giselle helped me so much she is really nice and knows what she is doing she helped me in 4 days i couldnt believe it

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Absolute Power Dating Teaches Men How To Attract Hotter Women; Available On iTunes For iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad


Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 29, 2010 announced today its release of the Absolute Power Dating application for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This new mobile application provides free dating tips, lifestyle coaching videos, as well as in-app purchases for additional exclusive content. Users can also connect to the Absolute Power Dating web site, Twitter, and Facebook media through the application user interface.

Available for free at iTunes, the Absolute Power Dating iPhone application is designed for use on iPhone, iPod touch, and the iPad. The app provides lifestyle coaching that helps men meet more women and design a lifestyle where women are naturally more attracted to them.

Users can download the app for free with options to purchase two separate seminars for .99 each; each including eight videos to help men: Design a lifestyle where women are naturally more attracted to them, Establish absolute power over dating life and control everything, Reprogram mindset from failure to success; creating a new story, Establish the power of indifference, Understand the psychology of socializing, Own an amazing social life, Provide In-field tactics, and Interpret the psychology of a woman

Seminar I Videos:            

Being the Mayor, Changing your energy, Changing your story, Pursuing vs not Pursuing, Women testing you, Champagne parties, Befriending the Staff, Going out tired    

Seminar II Videos:

Giving out your number, Showtime, Indifference, Texts, Creepiness, Doubt, Confidence, Banter

Absolute Power Dating co-founder and app co-producer Brent Smith is widely recognized as one of the top contemporary social dynamic, dating, and lifestyle experts in the world. Brent has worked closely with David DeAngelo and helped inspire David’s book, Double Your Dating. Brent and his partner Mitch Rabin regularly host social events, lifestyle coaching, and seminars throughout the world. Mitch Rabin, Brent’s partner, spent the last 20 years in the music business working with some of the biggest bands in the world. He’s traveled the globe with artists, attending the industry’s most exclusive events; socializing with the stars. Brent and Mitch coach that “if you’re tired of pursuing everything in your life and want to start living a life where it comes to you, then we’ve got coaching programs that will help you start down that path right now.”

Absolute Power Dating brings a unique experience to the iTunes platform as one of the only applications aimed at improving men’s dating lifestyle. Here’s what current customers have said about the courses:

“I would like to say thank you for the coaching I’ve received from you Brent. I know that without your help I wouldn’t be in the place I am now or as happy as I am. “

“I am happy with the person I am becoming under Brent’s coaching”

“Your teachings have changed my life.”

About Absolute Power Dating

Absolute Power Dating is a Manhattan Beach, Ca. based company producing and publishing lifestyle coaching methods and techniques for men; online, in mobile media, as well as in-person events. Absolute Power Dating has created one of most powerful systems that exists for meeting and attracting men to women. Once men learn it, they never look at the world of socializing and dating the same way again.

About Vain Media

Vain Media develops, markets, and sells mobile and online applications, games, and software solutions. Formed in 2009, based in Los Angeles, and comprised of industry software veterans, Vain Media specializes in custom production, marketing, and sales services for entertainment, celebrity, and brand clients globally.

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