I’m looking into starting a dating service & I can’t find anything on the Rules & Regulations of operation?

Question by sweethope2004: I’m looking into starting a dating service & I can’t find anything on the Rules & Regulations of operation?
I need to know more about what kind of rules I need to follow while I’m running a dating service? I dont’ want to get into some trouble while I’m operating this service to the community. What rules do I need to follow when takeing money, applications, doing interviews, do I need to do background checks? Things like that?

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Answer by NiceOne
There are no government requirements for operating a dating service, except, of course, that you have to be registered as a business in your state and sometimes in your city.

But even though there are not regulations governing your operation, you have to watch out for all kinds of potential liability. There are child molesters, 14-year old teeny boppers who think it would be cool to have boyfriend who is 30, sexual predtors of all kinds, and so forth.

There are two basic ways to protect yourself. You can do a good job of screening people that you let become members, or you can make it very clear that you do NOT screen people at all. In that latter case, you would warn people time and again that they need to protect themselves from strangers and that you do not control who uses your service. Screening is expensive, but it gives you much greater protection than a disclaimer.

All in all, you need to talk with an experieced lawyer. You need someone who understands businesses and also understands issues like sexual harrassment, stalkers, and so forth. Spend some time and some money on good legal advice before you start your business.

BTW, one of the best ways to learn about what to look out for–and this applies to ANY business–is to spend some time working in the same or similar kind of business for someone else. If your situation allows it, I strongly suggest you see if you can get a job working for a social networking site, a dating service, or any sort of similar business. A few months with hands on experience can save you lots of time and money avoiding mistakes.

I hope this helps. Good luck!!

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