What are some dating advice books for a teenage girl?

Question by Ari: What are some dating advice books for a teenage girl?
I know absolutely nothing about dating. I’ve gone on only one date ever to the movies and it was horribly awkward. Now, there is this guy I like and we will probably go on a date soon. So, to simplify this, I need to start from the beginning on how to date. I need a book with all the whats and hows to dating. Thank you!

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Answer by Charlie G
well first of all be yourself because guys don’t like girls that pretend to be someone there not also dating really depends on the person so really just be yourself and have a good time

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Need Advice! HELP!!!!- Gay Irish guy!!!?

Question by : Need Advice! HELP!!!!- Gay Irish guy!!!?
Okay well as ya can see from the title im Irish, A fella and Gay..LOL..well here i need yere help and im a first timer at this thing!…so take it handy on me! ;D.. I’m at the moment dating 3 guys!…One i have been promised to because he is gone to america! and we hit it off! I mean we were talking about marriage and Kids and Our perfect life! call him america man!..Then there is Sexi older guy!..This fella takes my breath away…we spent our first night together just gazing into each others eyes and talking, We watched movies and it just felt Right!…Then there is Part-time college dude…We meet accidently!…just bumped into each other and i felt a spark and chill (a good one) ! we danced and talked, We had a Laugh, Talked about stuff we had in common and there is alot!!!! Seriously! Can ye see my Problem!..They are all good looking and Interesting! Each of them always bring a smile to my face and know how to cheer me up!..I said to them that I needed a Break so im single!…ATM! So guys and Gals who would ya PICK???? HELP!!!!

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Answer by Kellogg
One of the great things about being gay is you never have to commit to a single partner. That’s why the whole gay marriage issue is never taken seriously in the United States.

You should invite all your boyfriends to a party and enjoy them all at once! Or just go behind their backs, it doesn’t matter either way.

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