i talk to this girl and this guy comes and she gets distracted by him.?

Question by RH: i talk to this girl and this guy comes and she gets distracted by him.?
i talk to this girl before class and almost every time, this guy, he comes and starts talking to her (he’s not in our class, he’s her friend, i teased her on msn about that guy being her bf and she denied). anyways, this is getting on my nerves, im having a conversation with her and this guy butts in, and i am standing there all alone in embarassment, there is this other girl there all alone who i can go talk too, it destroys my importance, im thinking of talking to the other girl thats also in my class just so i can show this girl that she aint the only girl in town. (please note: i think i over-compliment/stay after class with the one who talks to the guy girl too much, i should ignore her for a couple of days and instead talk to that other chick or let alone ignore all of them. please respond with your opinions, thanks!!!
when the guy butts in, she doesn’t even look at me. it really makes me feel like crap!

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Answer by Xanadu
If you like the girl your talking to, then stand up for yourself, grow a backbone! That doesn’t mean to pick a fight, but kindly say “Dude, everyday you see me talking to this fine lady, yet you think it’s okay to interrupt- it’s not, and here I am saying thank you for excusing yourself.”

If he feels the need to get up in your face, well, here’s where your backbone comes in. Win or loose the fight, you will always win your sefl-worth. And then she will never be confused as to why you don’t ever talk to her after her FRIEND picked a fight with you.

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