Sunil Adam: No eHarmony With Asian Men

Sunil Adam: No eHarmony With Asian Men
No one would want to be in the shoes of a black man in America. That is a given. Having the highest incarceration and unemployment…
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Maureen Dowd: Power’s nice, but hot’s better
Tweetin’ ain’t cheatin’.In his sensationally surreal apologia, a weepy Anthony Weiner had only one thing to brag about: “I’ve never had sex outside my marriage.”
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The Unanswered Questions of Weinergate
Rep. Anthony Weiner has long had a reputation for loving the spotlight, and he did nothing to dispell that image as he lingered for a excruciatingly long time at the press conference in which he admitted to sending explicit images and messages to women on the Internet. And yet, even after 27 minutes of halting, sometimes teary-eyed confession, Weinergate questions linger.
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