Square Grid Blends (Tests)

Square Grid Blends (Tests)
art of approaching
Image by qthomasbower
Four of the original ideas for commemorating the 1 month/100 member/1000 image milestone of the Visual Mashups Group.

Seems like forever ago when I planned to make the first Visual Mashups Group celebratory commemoration, which led to Six Red Circles, Nine Grids, and the Big Heart of Art – 1000 Visual Mashups. (And eventually to Six Blue Circles and others…)

Originally, I intended the commemorations to be a series of blends featuring Visual Mashups images with a common theme – "blue" for insance, or "three-by-three grids," or "spirals," or "red circles."

Here are a handful of blend ideas that I liked but never really polished to the point of completion, each approaching the X by X square grid idea from a different angle.

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