Single Parents?

Question by Jen*: Single Parents?
I was wondering if their are any single parents out their that have adopted. I was wondering where you adopted from and what your experience was like?

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Answer by Marie C
I am a single parent who has adopted three children from China. My first daughter was adopted as an infant, and my other two girls had special needs, and were adopted at older ages. My experience has been wonderful, and I would do it again in a heartbeat! It is not as difficult as people think to be a single parent. You just have to be organized, and willing to give up certain things that you took for granted before you had kids.

The only negative thing about it is that you do not have a spouse to share in your joy when your kids do things that make you proud. I always cry a little at every concert, every game, every award ceremony, because I’d love to be able to lean over and say to their Dad (if they had one), “Isn’t she the BEST?”

China unfortunately no longer permits single parent adoptions, but Vietnam is an excellent alternative. Certain agencies also have programs for singles in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Guatemala.

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