Single parents………?

Question by Inked Mama ♥ Beautiful Disaster: Single parents………?
What do you do when you’ve put your child to bed and they’re fast asleep (and getting them back up and trying to get them back off again would cost you 2-3 hours of your evening) and you realise you’re out of something essential that can’t wait until the morning (such as toilet paper, lol), and you have noone you can call to babysit?

You know out of all the ‘hardships’ we single parents are supposed to face, this is the one problem that actually seriously bugs me more than anything else! If only convenience stores did instant deliveries – that really would be conveniant!

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Answer by I luv’s my bub’s
I’m often amazed by the abilities of single parents (I appreciate my mum a LOT more) I can’t always change my son’s nappy without an extra pair of hands! I have no idea what you’d do, maybe go to the toilet, then shower? or use tissues (if available).

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