Sideshow: Shia and Megan: Costars coupled

Sideshow: Shia and Megan: Costars coupled
Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox engaged in sexual relations while filming the first Transformers movie, the manchild admits to Details.
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A happy life is a long one for orangutans
New research has shown that happier orangutans live longer which may provide insight into the evolution of happiness in humans. Researchers asked keepers who work with orangutans to answer questions about happiness on the animals’ behalf. Orangutans which were scored as happier by their keepers were more likely to live longer.
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Exclusive: Ben Castoriano talks Ashley Hebert and ‘The Bachelorette’
The Bachelorette bachelor Ben Castoriano was ready to continue vying for Ashley Hebert ‘s affection with a positive attitude and hopeful spirit despite having some doubts about his chemistry with Bachelorette, but the two-on-one date he was required to share with fellow bachelor William Holman came crashing down on him quickly.
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