She divorce the husband at the day sunday?

Question by Ammi K: She divorce the husband at the day sunday?
WHen this what I send many time abaut divorce women,then she stop writeing to me ,She no write to me by email,I will do anything to she write to me by email:I will live with her,this to she write to me,,how I can know why she divorce the husband and how it happen,I will know the true,when I will meet her,alone me and her,PLEASe help me,why I like to by her friend and I will do one thing to her,when she write to me,that how I thank her,because she write to me and I know she will Really want to I live with her,HOW to help her,I will give her email to all born again christian and christian,to they talk to her tell her to she talk to me every day by email,her email,it is,,it is imparting to me,and christian,born again christian,I am 20 years old,young men and I am a christian,A have question: Women Divorce yesterday her husband,the day is Sunday,SHE tell to I live with her at her Home? that is other email,if every people remember, I am asking for advice on what to do in this situation based on what the Bible says, not what you think he should do.

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Answer by Quaoar Rocks!
Dude, why are you still smoking that stuff?

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