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Secret #30 – I am not a man of mystery


Secret #30 – I am not a man of mystery
dating secrets for men
Image by donnjmck
Yay!!! I did it – and you have no idea how much of an accomplishment that is for me (I am the king of starting things and not finishing).

I decided that my final "secret" would be that when it comes to me, there really aren’t any secrets. I am an open book and will talk about anything regarding my life – but only if I understand your intentions. If I think someone is asking me for information about myself to use against me at a later date I wont divulge. However if I think the interest is genuine and an attempt to get to know me then it’s all good. I decided to participate with this project because I really believe that the more we all tell our stories (through words or photos) the more accepting we become of each other. The 30 things I decided to share were mainly things I could come up with an image to match. There were other things I tried and considered that didn’t make it – either the image didn’t quite work or I didn’t have time to set it up or I just couldn’t think of how to accomplish what I wanted. Some of the "secrets" that didn’t make it:

As cute as both of my dogs are they both have funky habits. Buster (my boy dog) has been known to drag his ass on the carpet to wipe. Gross, yes, but he is also part weiner dog so his body is too long for him to do it properly. And Mary is a submissive pee’r. We have to greet her outside when we get home because we never know when she is going to let loose. Apparently there was an episode of "Six Feet Under" that I missed where David & Keith went to a party and the hosts told them to not make eye contact with their dog because it would shit if they did – I do the same things at parties with Mary – I have to tell people to not talk to her in a high pitched sing-song voice or if they feel the need they should take her outside.

I also have NO IDEA why Cher, Judy and Barbara (and the many other "divas") are so popular among my fellow gays. I have tried and just DO NOT get it. In fact, I lived in SF during the height of Cher’s "Believe" and I swear to god if I never hear that song again it would be too soon. I lived right behind "The Cafe" in the Castro and every night at 1:45am I’d wake up to that f’in song being played as the last song. Then I’d have to listen as the cars started up and those f’in queens would be blaring it as they drove away. It was like being in Hell. One of the exceptions to this is Madonna – she is amazing.

I also wanted more than anything else when I was young to be a Playboy photographer. Not that I was into the naked women in a sexual way, but I loved the gatefold photography. I also loved the idea that a "girl next door" who happens to be a student/nurse/secretary/bank teller/whatever can be turned into a sex symbol for a month. I totally bought into the whole concept. I still to this day subscribe and I guess the term "I read it for the articles" really does apply to me (although in recent years the quality of the magazine has diminished quite significantly – both in terms of the editorial content and the photographic quality. They no longer use the old 8×10 camera to shoot the centerfold and have switched to a medium format camera – the results are drastic in terms of clarity, depth, and warmth in case you were wondering).

I will try to post more as time allows. And I honestly want to thank all of you for your comments, suggestions, and words of wisdom. Getting to "know" some of you through this process has been a real treat!

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