Russian secret service shows off Stalin’s house

Russian secret service shows off Stalin’s house
Moscow, Nov 18 : Fifty-seven years after Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin’s death the Russian secret service officially threw open the doors of his Moscow estate Wednesday.
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Civil War docs found in Treasurer’s office among unclaimed items to be saved
The deadline to claim safety deposit boxes from the state treasurer’s office is quickly approaching. On December 1, the jewels and family heirlooms inside will go on the auction block. However, some documents dating back to the end of the Civil War will stay put.
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3,000- Year-Old Musical Instrument Unearthed In Vietnam
BINH THUAN, Nov 19 (Bernama) — A set of stone musical instrument dating from 3,000 years ago was unearthed by a farmer in Da Kai commune, Duc Linh district, when he dug holes for planting coffee trees, according to Vietnam news agency on Friday.
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